Saturday, August 11, 2012

The World of the Un-Easy

Recently I fulfilled a dream that I've thought about for years. Starting my own on-line radio station. Through the magic of a site called Live365, you can pay a bit of money and start posting songs for all the world to hear. I and my friend Andy Somma decided a few months ago that our record collections weren't doing much good sitting on shelves and it is time to share it to the world. The station's been up for a few months now and has a large playlist. I hope you'll stop by and be a regular listener.


sweet said...

Sweet! Thanks for that!

sweet said...

Sweet! Often have enjoyed your songs posted on the blog. Thanks for doing that.
Also, I recently found out about the documentary and post mtv1 show "buried life" (reading the webs) about making wishes / dreams come true and this is all encouraging.