Sunday, January 01, 2012

Another year, another massive amount of transferring my record collection. This year for some reason I transferred a large number of vocal group and organ albums, plus quite a few albums that were made for small groups that played at nightclubs around town...

Some highlights from this compilation are: Art Newman, who runs the Night and Day TV Repair shop in Dayton Beach. In the 80's a friend of mine when to school at Avery Riddle and brought me back several of Art's homemade recordings. Arthur Newman would given them out whenever anyone got their TV or VCR fixed. I love his albums for their earnestness; The Irritants, singing Dead Rock Funeral, is off of an old cassette I had of some friends singing songs that either they or I recorded. I always thought this had the makings of a hit. It is definitely an earworm song.

I through a couple of my songs on here as well. Moon River is a discarded song from a project I worked on last year called Empty Orchestra. On the recording I sing along with either Music Minus One recordings or Karoeke tracks. After all the songs were done we through this one out because it just sounds too Karoeke and the other songs have a real band feel to them. Sunshine Day is also from those sessions; all the people involved with the recording participated in the song, Gary Ward, Brian McNally and his wife Gwen. Damn singing Cindy Brady's part was hard.

I've also put on a lost Bric-a-Brac song: Dreams of an Everyday Housewife.

The rest is a total mishmash. I tried to stick with my rules of only records or songs I transferred during the calendar year. But I think this came out o.k. I do have to say I compiled this with a new program and the levels are a little off... If I ever get around to fixing that I'll re-post it...

Happy New Year...!!!!

Stereo Balance

The Theme From S.W.A.T – Ray Conniff Singers

I Can See For Miles – Frankie Randall

We Can Work It Out – The Brothers Four

Steppin’ Stone – The Golden Gate Strings

Mountain Greenery - Frenchy Boutan

Happy Together – The 7th Sound

I Like How You Taste – Unknown

The Touch – Betty Johnson

Destination Moon – The Ames Bros

Life on Mars – The King Singers

Dead Rock Funeral – The Irritants

To Die in Summertime – Rod McKuen

The Impossible Dream – Liberace

Moon River – John S. Connors

A House is Not a Home – Art Newman

Going Out of My Head - Gene and Joey

Are You Lonesome Tonight – Bob Kames

Dreams of the Everyday Housewife – Bric-a-Brac

Feelings – Ford and Angel

Three O’Clock in the Morning – Wendy and Bonnie

Wonder Why – Joanna Gault

Where Does It Lead – The Little Sisters

Where Flamingos Fly - Linda Lawson

It’s Silk – India Adams

Sunshine Day – Empty Orchestra Singers

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - 101 Strings Singers.

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