Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Year of Transferring Dangerously

This year I spent a huge amount of time transferring my extremely huge record collection to mp3's... I've been doing this for ten years now and have barely made a dent...

Each year for friends I make a compilation of the best or most interesting songs I stumbled upon...

There are also three new songs I've recorded this year... I Will Follow You I did in my kitchen using CuBase and a Karoeke track...

The Sea and Sand was a demo I did with Mike Armstrong to play for our band so we could learn it... we sent it a former band member Erik Johnson who over laid strings and punched it up...

and A Taste of Honey is a preview of some of the work I've been doing with Brian McNally in recording an album using found backing tracks...

Below is a player where you can listen to the whole CD as a podcast...

Enjoy and Happy New Year 2011!!!

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken - Vic Mizzy
Rubber Bands and Bits of String - Telly Savalas
All My Friends Have Gone to California - Anthony Perkins
I Will Follow You - John S. Connors (from the kitchen sessions)
Don't Rain on My Parade - Nelson Riddle
Bye Bye Brown Eyes - Anthony Newley
Let's Fool Around - Johnny Charro
The Green Grass Starts to Grow - Percy Faith
The Sea and Sand - Bric & Brac (produced by El Nazn)
I've Been Wrong Before - Julius LaRosa
What Became of Life - Jimmy Durrante
Forever - The Carravelles
Holiday For Strings - Sue Raney
Soul and Inspiration - Jane Morgan
A Bad Case of You - Dolly Holiday
I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face - Nino Nanni
The Ballad of The Shape of Things - Blossom Dearie
Shapes - Eileen Fulton
A Taste of Honey - John S. Connors (produced by Brian McNally)
My Cigarette and I - The J's With Jamie
Theme from The Stowaway in the Sky - Nelson Riddle
We've Loved Before - Henry Mancini
Over The Sun - Tony Bennett
You Were Meant for Me - Peggy Lee/Michael Franks
When It Doesn't Work Out - Cass Elliot
Nessun Dorma - Joah Valley