Friday, March 27, 2009

LUKA - 1993
Hair Have You Gone

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm working on some other projects this month. Mainly transferring some old videos and family photos. Among these were some old performance videos of mine that I thought I'd share.

This is from 1993. It was for a benefit called Operation Pride and was held at the Improv Comedy club. The benefit was for a local theater company and to support the cause to give gays the right to serve in the military. (From the time I was four I was terrified of being drafted, so it's a right I have reservations about. Did no one remember the Vietnam War?)

The show featured all gay performers. The host the late Ted Bales really liked me and had me do four pieces in the show. My lounge meets performance art style at the time really didn't fit in with the drag acts, monologists and comedy troop.  Except for this song all the other pieces I did completely flopped.  Probably rightly so, looking at the tape now I was pretty awful and unsure of myself. I can't even bare to look them today.

However, I have always liked this performance. At the time I was working with Peter and Paul Allen, they were my neighbors and good friends. Peter was a great rock guitarist and he would come up with these very simple arrangements of popular songs that I would sing. This performance is pretty typical of my style at the time. Over the top Patti LaPone dramatics meets Andy Williams lounge. My perm and ability to show some chest really dates this clip.


Anonymous said...

That was great and brought a smile to my face. 1993 just doesn't feel that long ago to me, for some odd reason, but I guess it really is!

I thought it interesting your comment about being drafted. I do know my son has reservations, but he will never be drafted. The day he was diagnosed with epilepsy was horrid, but the first thing that popped into my mind was that he would be exempt from the military. What a relief in that regard, said the daughter of a WWII Marine.

Don't work too hard, I miss your posts!

Frankie/Kitchen Table (can't get logged in to Google)

Erik said...

You are fucking brilliant.

You should be posting more of your performances.

Graeme said...

Dude, post more of your performances! I totally agree with Dr. Erik! ;)