Monday, February 09, 2009

RIP Blossom Dearie
I was so sad to hear that one of my favorite singers died a couple days ago, the great Blossom Dearie. Known to baby boomers as the singer of the haunting School House Rock song "Number Eight", she was one of the premier jazz vocalist of our time.

I really never listened to her until a few years ago. But once I started I was hooked. Such a sweet and simple voice that she could use be funny or heartbreaking. It was always a dream of mine to take a whirlwind weekend tour of New York and see Blossom play at the small jazz club she sang at until just a couple years ago. Sadly I never made that trip.

Here are some examples of Blossom's best... Someones' Been Sending Me Flowers is one of my favorite songs she recorded, The Surrey With the Fringe on Top (posted by Dan the Video Man), The video to Number Eight and a nice tribute and "I Like London in the Rain"


Anonymous said...

Sadly coincidental that I reposted this video just a few short days before she died.


Johnny C said...

Danny Boy... I added the video to the post... It was the first thing I thought of when I heard. It was one of the things that made me interested in her.


Anonymous said...

I remember coming across that when I was making my first proper video salon... I had no idea who she was but she was the hippest thing I'd ever seen from that era and was instantly added to the show - she conjured that whole Greenwich Village bohemian scene in my mind... I followed it with that '59 Olds commercial with Florence Henderson and the beatniks.


Θράσος said...

What a beautiful voice!!!!
Really sad that she's gone and really sad that she's not as famous as she should have been.

consa said...

I too have been a Dearie fan, since the early 1980s.