Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Things About Me...

or the List that Changed the World
It's been about a month since I joined Facebook and have been captured by that "Time Vampire". Besides feeling now that I have to do a few blog posts a week, I feel like a have to think of witty "What Am I Doing Now?... Status updates twice a day. Really though, it is fun in a "Don't you want to know all about me..." sort of way.

One of the biggest things on there right now is the 25 Things About Me... I spent about an hour trying to come up with 25 interesting things about me that people actually might not know... I thought hmm... let's do some double blogging and double post this on here... So for your consideration... Here is my list.

1. I didn’t eat Peanut Butter until about two years ago. I used to lie to people and tell them I had a peanut allergy so they would stop asking me to “just try it”. Now I eat it all the time.

2. I once ran across Midway Airport. Completely across. No kidding. The runways are huge; It felt like I was an ant crossing a sidewalk.

3. When I was a child I would compulsively pull my hair out of the back of my head. It’s called trichotillomania. My parents never seemed to notice or care. My hair is still thin back there.

4. When I was a teenager my father once caught me lip synching to a Barbra Streisand song into a broom handle. I can still see the shocked look on his face.

5. When I was a child I was obsessed by the Flying Nun. I made a coronet out of a card board box and would run around the yard convinced I would be taking off any moment.

6. My first kiss by a girl was on the same day that Bobby Brady got his first kiss on the Brady Bunch. Even then I thought it was a strange coincidence.

7. Religion-wise I’ve been a Born Again Christian, an NSA Buddhist and I studied witchcraft. I just consider myself a spiritual mess.

8. I believe in angels, but I’m not sure about God.

9. I haven’t had cable or regular television in four years. I’m completely clueless about new shows until they come on DVD.

10. I obsessively watched every Dark Shadows over a period of two and a half years with my friends Erica and Thax Douglas. All 1100+ episodes. After we finished the last one This American Life sent me to the convention to do a piece about it.

11. If I start watching something like a TV series I have to watch every episode, even if I don’t like it. I mean I watched all of the Children of the Corn movies, because I had to.

12. My mother was so upset that I was going to prom that she ran out of the house before I went to pick up my date; she didn’t talk to me for a week afterwards.

13. I hate fish, and get sick even from the smell. But strangely I love tuna. My only explanation is that I used to go on fishing trips with my parents when I was small; I’d watch them gut the fish. But Tuna isn’t really fish… because it comes in cans.

14. After the stem-cel transplant my brother has my exact DNA in his bone marrow. If he were to commit a murder I could be convicted on the DNA evidence. I heard CSI did a show about this.

15. I moved away from home when I was 23. Since then I’ve always lived alone except for one year when I moved in with a friend. It was a terrible mistake.

16. I have vivid dreams, and often they include celebrities. For a while I had reoccurring dreams with Peggy Lee.

17. I love to sing, but I can’t stand the sound of my regular speaking voice or my laugh.

18. I would rather watch a bad old movie, than a good new movie.

19. I’ve been a Netflix subscriber since 2000. Patrick Hughes introduced it to me at a party.

20. I’ve have an allergy to cats, but I’ve had two cats over the last 14 years. Both with bad additudes.

21. I was beaten up (bashed) on my 21st birthday by a gang of neighborhood thugs. I remember as I was being kicked in the stomach thinking that it was a crappy way to spend my birthday.

22. The first song I ever sang in front of an audience was “You Needed Me” the Anne Murphy 80’s hit. It was at a community college as part of a music class.

23. The ending of “It’s a Wonderful Life” always makes me cry. Even thinking about it now I’m tearing up.

24. I’ve a black spot on my ankle from when in the 2nd grade I put a pencil in my shoe and the tip of it broke off in side of my left foot. I never told anyone about it because I knew I would get in trouble. The mark from the pencil is still there.

25. I’m proud of myself for finishing this list and not putting one filthy, sexual fact about myself in it. Hurray. I’m all grown-up.


BC said...

Oh, I love Peggy. Tell her I say hi. Great list!

Aaron said...

I loved this when I saw it on your Facebook page. Imagine, never eating peanut butter until two years ago! You are truly rare and special...

No peanut butter! Until two years ago! *chuckles and shakes head*