Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Vacation

I've been on vacation.   I've not had any extended time off from work for about four months, so it was badly needed if only to catch up on stuff around the house.   Of course, what I ended up doing was taking lots of afternoon naps.  The sort of sleeps where when I would wake up at 5:30 to a early dark winter afternoon I wouldn't know what day it was.  

I did create a to-do list and I'm happy I got to 75% of my tasks.  The one about writing a store of blog posts got pushed to the back of the list.  Right above laundry; This is still waiting for me.

So what I did on my Winter vacation.  

1)  FACEBOOK.   For the last six months various friends would send me an invite to join Facebook.  I'm on Myspace and Friendster, but I rarely, if ever, check my messages.   If I get a new friend request it's some cam-bot girl wanting me to look at her cam show.    I don't know what happened this last month, but everyone, and every conversation came back to the question, “Have you joined Facebook yet?”  I put it off, because I couldn't bare to fill out another profile questionnaire.  But from meeting Gwen in the parking lot of the gym saying: "How come you are not on Facebook", to Graeme guaranteeing that I would get a date within a month; I finally sat down and joined.   

And now I have to add my voice to the chorus.  If you are not on it,  you must.   The only way I can describe it is that it's like a map of everyone I've ever had any social contact with, from current friends to ones that I haven't talked with for years, old lovers, school friends from high school, people I met in passing performing in shows, suddenly they are all gathered in one spot; and suddenly I know what they are doing, thinking about almost to the minute.   In a way it's exciting and a little frightening.   There is a function called “Status”… this is where people put what they are doing now… I put that I was doing Pub Trivia at a local bar and a friend popped in to say “Hi... I knew you'd be here because of your status…”   Forget about worrying about Big Brother.  We are our own Big Brother. 

I've put a link on the Left to my Facebook account.  If you want to be my Facebook friend, just send me a request and mention that you are a reader… Love to have you jump into the pool… Come Join Us… 

Here I am having lunch with Mark (left) and Randy (right).  Mark I haven't seen in 7 years. 
2) Election.  I spent the inaugural ceremony at Sidetracks a local gay video bar.  They advertised they would be open at ten in the morning and most importantly they would have brunch snacks. I thought for sure that there would be at most fifty people there.  So, I was shocked when we walked and saw hundreds of people.  So much for the snacks, but I did nab the last piece of carrot cake.  It was an amazing place to be.   Of course, as per my usual, while Obama was being sworn in I was at the bar getting drinks.   

Oh, and I had a social faux pas.   I was in such a hurry to get out of the house that I just grabbed some newly bought clothes that I'd gotten on sale at Sears that weekend.   After the swearing in ceremony some guy came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Um… you have tags on your pants…”  I had left on not only the “70% off tag, but the long sticker down my leg that proudly showed how big my ass is…”   Once a nerd always a nerd. 

But what a feeling of celebration.  I can't remember being so excited about a politican and seeing so many other people excited.  His speech was inspiring.  I can only wish this country luck to get back on track.  I compare the Bush administration to as if we had a slumlord running our apartment building for the last eight years.   Everything needs to be fixed.  This country needs new tile on the kitchen floor, but that toilet also needs to be replaced.   I'm not expecting miracles, but boy do we need one… 

3) Because I was off I decided since I wasn't going to travel, I had license to spend money will a little touch of the devil-may-care about it.   I went to see a local production of Xanadu, which was fun, if a little over priced; bought myself a new scent Cordovan; and went out on Saturday and drank a little too much wine and beer.  (I forgot the golden rule of “never mix, never worry”) Oy…  Thankfully, nights like this are becoming few and far between. Here I am at Daniel's Birthday party.  I also, went to my friendly local tarot card reader to see what the next few months will bring.  A sweet faced, white haired middle aged woman named April M greeted me at the Chakra Shoppe and for $30 dollars told me that I need to do more meditation.  That I will have a love affair in February that will quickly turn sour, but that June and July are better months for romance.  I'll have good months with money in April and May, but look out in June and July.  Lucky in love, but not in money in the summer.  And May will be bring major adjustments in my life when it comes to my job and my family; She shook her head and said it will be very stressful.  You've heard it here first… check back for the results… 

4) And generally I napped a lot.  Dinah, my cat, has gotten high points for getting cozy this last week.   She can be a mess of trouble and is still attacking and biting, but she knows how to create a little nest among my legs on these cold chilly nights.  

Anyway… that's all the news… that's fit to print… J  


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Frankie said...

Facebook: Oh, you're brave. I just can't bring myself to do that.

Election: I wept. I don't think I've ever had such hope as I did that day. My DS and I watched the TV the whole day--and I wept most of the day--tears of joy.

Social Faux Pas: I needed a good laugh tonight, and at your expense, I got it. I do stuff like that all the time, and it sure makes me feel better to know others out there do the same.

Psychic: I wish I could find a good one. I had a reading in December over the phone, someone my cousin met at the Iowa Psychic Fair. My cousin had a great reading. Me? She was a fraud. Let's hope that she misread the cards and that you should have money and romance in your future at the same time. Let's hope she's wrong about the stress, too.