Sunday, January 11, 2009


We were hit with a surprise snow storm starting last night. We were told it would be one to two inches... but it started and didn't stop. I walked around with my camera. It was very pretty.


girlie said...

I liked your video. It's the small things in life, and I never take the time to go out and enjoy the snow. (Here it's usually so damned cold I don't want to go out.)

I think the next time it snows here, I'll go out and enjoy it in honor of you. =)

Johnny C said...

Thanks Girlie.... ;)

Aaron said...

I hate myself for not enjoying the snow more than I am! But all I can think of is my car getting stuck in hardened snow and not being able to move it, then having to pay a tow truck big bucks to shift it. If I didn't have that problem, I'd love the snow like I did when I was a kid.

Oh well...looks like I'll have plenty of opportunities to love it!