Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello Mr. President.

I've never felt such excitement in the air as for the election of our new President Obama. Tomorrow I'm going to a local video bar at 10 in the morning to watch the ceremonies. However, my Polish pessimistic side of me is just waiting for everything to fall apart. But for now I'm wishing everyone a happy President inauguration day.

In honor of the occasion I present this oddity of albums. A musical album with Perry Como and Kaye Ballard as the President and First Lady. This was one of Irving Berlin's last musicals. And it's not his best. But even bad Berlin is better than anyone's worst.

So enjoy our historic tomorrow.


Aaron said...

ANYTHING with Kaye Ballard is instant gold. Can't wait to hear these--thanks for posting them!

Linda said...

Yikes! Don't eat a hearse!!! I love Pigtails and Freckles. Great song. Thanks for posting them, Johnny.