Saturday, December 27, 2008

Year of The YTube

Huffington Post Did a piece on the top ten youtube videos of the year. CLICK HERE.   I thought for sure my cat Dinah eating the record off of the turntable would have been amoung them, but alas; Maybe next year I'll catch her doing something darling that will go viral.    

Most of the videos I'd seen, and if you owned a computer, had e-mail and friends how could you miss them.   I had missed the 3 year old re-telling Star Wars (cute) and the partying teenager in Austrialia (who is now a star). 

I am glad to see one of my favorite youtube series was featured, Drunk History.  The first piece I thought was a brilliant ode to anyone who has ever tried to have a serious conversation while intoxicated. I've not been keeping up with the series beyond the first one about Alexander Hamilton.

A few of the later ones feature a tad too much vomiting by the storytellers.  But this one with Jen Kirkman the telling of the story of Washington's slave Oney Judge is funny and at the same time informative.  It's a story that they must have left out of the history books.   And her hiccups are hysterical.  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning me on to the Drunk History videos. There's some good stuff there.

Happy 2009!