Monday, December 01, 2008

Nat Goldstein Follow-up
I received this annoucement concerning the book version of the story of the tragic story of the murder of the daughter of Nat Goldstein as I posted HERE. The story is going to run on CBS's 48 Hour Investigates in a couple of weeks, and the book is available on HERE.
e-mail from Ira, Donnah's father:
This is to advise you that relative to our daughter’s tragic story which has been shown on CBS’s 48 Hour Investigates program three times the TV producer Gail Zimmerman, has written a book entitled “Invitation to a Murder” which has been published by Pocketbook which is Simon & Schuster and is available for public sale at Borders or Barnes & Noble or Amazon and most anywhere.

CBS TV and the 48 Hour program brought Sara Jane and I up to New York to interview us and to re-edit and update the previous program on Thursday the 30th of October.

We do not earn any money from this book or the TV program and the only reason we did this, is to raise more money through your donations for Donnah’s Fund, which is part of Women in Distress of Broward County, Box 676, Fort Lauderdale, 33302, as CBS will list Donnah’s Fund on their website during the show and made a substantial donation.

To date, I have been advised that through the monetary disbursements to women who have qualified, the money from Donnah’s Fund has assisted 66 women and their families start a new life away from their abusers.

I have just been advised that the date for the 48 HOUR MYSTERY CBS PROGRAM is on SATURDAY NIGHT DECEMBER 13, 2008 AT 10 PM EST…….

This story has also been shown on Court TV’s “Forensic Files” and Tru TV’s “Murder By The Book” and on the Montell Williams show and written in Reader’s Digest.

Thanks for your kindness and please buy the book which is a soft cover pocket book and it sells for $7.99.

My best,

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