Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!
Christmas Eve is always been sort of melancholy for me. Growing up my parents were usually in bed by ten leaving me to watch as each of the television stations went off the air after their showing of A Christmas Carol or watching Midnight Mass from Holy Name Cathedral. On the rare occasions we did go to church it was at Our Lady of the Snows where the mass was done in Polish.

I always had jobs where I worked on Christmas Eve or when I moved away from home I usually spent them by myself with some rare and fun exceptions. One year Thax and I watched Zombie movies all night, that was fun. And when I was dating Robert we went to a sleazy bar and drank Long Island Ice Teas until we were both sick. I think that was the year my mother asked me on Christmas if I was mad at her... when I was just barely hold it together with a massive hangover.

Don't worry about me this year, I've got plans for a dinner with other Christmas orphans. But getting back to the album. This is one of my few and favorite Christmas albums. Jackie Gleason along with being a comic was a great conductor of "mood music". As the liner notes says it's meant to be played after the day is over and you have time to reflect on this and past Christmases.

It's also a chance to hear the slowest renditions of "Jingle Bells" and "Winter Wonderland".

Have a Happy Christmas Eve

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Merry Christmas.