Friday, December 12, 2008

Lana! On the Tube...

It's been two years since I wrote a post about the singer Lana Cantrell. Click Here if you haven't read it.

It's been one of my most read posts. There is still so little written about Miss Cantrell, when you type in her name my blog is right at the top of the searches. I've had many wonderful e-mails from cyber-friends concerning their love for this forgotten diva. Recently, a reader William S. wrote me and informed me that there was a youtube video of her on-line. It's very exciting for me. I've never "seen" her sing. She does have a touch of Streisand about her, but Barbra never performed among such amazing 60's golden flotsam.

Love to hear from more Lana fans. Feel free to write your Lana memories in comments here...

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Θράσος said...

Hi Johnny C, as you know very well I am fan of Miss Cantrell. I found one record in a used Lp' shop that was really wonderfull.
Thank you for sharing with me this wonderful singer.
P.S.:I also prepared a post for this singer in my blog, but it's in Greek