Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Circus Has Come to My Neighborhood

You'd have to be living under a rock not have heard about this whole Blagojevich scandal. If not, then just look it up in Google News or something... It's quite the story of the year. What's interesting to me is that this is all happening just about two blocks from my house; He's lived in my neighborhood for the past eleven years. In fact, not a day goes by when I don't drive by his home; I've seen him mowing his lawn (rarely), watched while his family had Thanksgiving dinner, and often seen him in the morning leaving for the office with his strapping, State Police undercover agents with the big black SUV waiting for him. (His officers are always there in their black cars with their little TV's. During the day the Desperate Housewifes of the neighborhood would walk their dogs past them to stop and chat.)

My closest encounter with him was once after a night of much tom catting and drinking I was walking home crossing over the over the river just as the sun was rising. As I dragged myself over the bridge, Blagojevich came around the cover and ran right into me in his little red satin jogging shorts, his guards close behind. After a big "Aaah" from both of us and he grab me so I wouldn't fall down. We both laughed and said, "That was a close one... a couple more feet and I'd be in the river..." Now that would have been a scandal. Governor pushes boozed up barfly into Chicago River.

A few years later I organized a poster campaign in my neighborhood when the non-profit I work for almost got their state funding taken away. My idea was to knock on all the doors in the neighborhood and give big posters for people to put in their windows demanding that he restore our funding. It worked. He couldn't drive in or out of the neighborhood without seeing his name and our organization together. I'm sure he hated me, if he knew who I was...

Such memories. Now tonight when I drove past his house it was completely dark. News crews stood around on his neighbor's lawns waiting for a moment when he'd throw his garbage out or maybe shovel that ice off the walk. I thought if I really want a viral youtube video I should just go out there with a boom box and lip Lip-sync to a Judy number, maybe Get Happy. Or just hold up a sign that says: Visit It seems like a waste to have those cameramen out there doing nothing but waiting for something to happen.

But it's too icy for either of those ideas. I had however, to tell you about my current brush with national news. I'll update you if he knocks me over as he runs from the law.


Aaron said...

Like a politician, so personally affable, yet so politically low-down...and his wife has the same vicious streak. I guess that's what happens when you feed from the nipple of Chicago politics from infancy. Al Capone never really died, he just "morphed" and became a local politician...

I doubt Blago would have hated you had he known it was you...politicians are used to getting pressure from all sides, and they learn to deal with it.

(Not very well, obviously, but...)

Jana said...

Ewww...the thought of him in those shorts just hit me wrong. Gave me a bit of a Richard Simmons visual.