Monday, December 08, 2008

A Boy With a Heart to Lose
A Date With Tony

During all the news coverage of Prop 8 Tony Perkins from the Focus on the Family (or whatever evil group he belongs) was on all the talking heads shows spouting about why gays shouldn't get married. All I can think of when I see him is another closeted Tony Perkins.

Tony, probably better known as Anthony Perkins from Psycho. He lived an odd life of being a gay man in the conservative 50's and 60's, having affairs with Tab Hunter, Rudolf Nureyev, and Rock Hudson. In the "me generation" of the 70's he decided that he was not gay after having sex with Victoria Principal and then through therapy became 'straight' and married fashion photographer Barry Barenson and had two children Oz and Elvis. He died in 1992 from complications from AIDS.

I've always thought Anthony Perkins was one of the most handsome men that ever was. Anyway, thinking about Tony reminded me of this photo essay from a Movie Stars magazine circa November 1957. It includes articles like, "How Far Should a Good Girl Go? (Marriage? Not for Natalie Wood), Sal Mineo's Mystery Girl, Intimate Moments in John Saxon's Arms and Elvis' Rules for Love. The studios must have paid to have Tony go on a date with blond bombshell, Venetia Stevenson. Probably to squash those ugly rumors about Tony and Tab. Yes... "There's a new glow in Tony Perkins' heart these days. Is love, in the luscious guise of Venetia Stevenson, the answer? Tony's not talking, but our intimate peek into an evening they shared just might be a peak at the future, too!"
At Venetia Stevenson's apartment it's often Benson, her pet Siamese who greets her date first, and hew as on hand the night Tony Perkins arrived to squire Venetia to the Pride and the Passion preem. On the dot as usual Tony was glad to see Venetia was almost ready.

That poor kitty.

Tony'd had a long day's work at Paramount on Desire Under the Elms, changed his clothes and shaved in his dressing room. With no time to eat earlier, he wheedled Venetia to giving him some soup and milk, then fell victim to a little begging himself!

I guess I could make a joke about that's the closest that Tony got to any pussy that night... but I won't... that would be cruel.

Pesky last-minute crisis always happen when time matters! With Tony and Venetia, it was zipper trouble for her, a loose shirt button for him, but they saved their tempers and nerves by playing maid and valet for each other!

Even then, a girl's best friend is her gay.

A girl may be entitled to that important last minute primp session, but to Tony, being punctual counts, too! He often skips meals or extra grooming to be on time.

Yes, Tony is worried he's going to miss the credits, or is he anxious because he's expecting to run into someone at the event? But who could it be?!!!
Slight delay came while Tony made sure he had the premiere tickets and gave them to Venetia for safe keeping. That's Tony's Thunderbird in the background - no more hitchhiking for this boy! He used to hate big occasions because he's near-sighted, now has enough self-confidence to wear his glasses, expect in tete-a-tete conversations.
At start-studded post-preem party in Bali Room of Beverly Hitlon, Tony and Venetia exchange a champagne toast. He doesn't drink, except on very special occasions, but attacks any food served him as though he hasn't eaten in days, "tho I never gain weight!"

Sophia Loren, who co-stars with Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra in Pride and the Passon, was congratulated by Venetia and Tony during a rare minute when photogs weren't pursuing her. In Desire Under the Elms, Tony's her stepson who falls under her spell.

Sophie looks confused but her Tony sets her straight telling her Venetia is just his beard for the evening.

Tab Hunter, who also manages to date popular Venetia, stopped for a brief chat too. Since her divorce from Russ Tamblyn, Venetia's been on a dating whirl, but Tony's rare seen with anyone else. Insiders report he's really smitten. (Tony's in Columbia's This Bitter Earth; Venetia's in Warner's Darby's Rangers.)

Finally, this is the happiest we've seen Tony. His real date for the evening has shown up. Creepy that they say that Tab is also dating Venetia, the hot divorcee. I think this photo shows who he's really smitten with.

One of the benefits of Tony's 'goin' straight' turnaround and marriage to Berry Berenson are their sons Oz and Elvis. Oz is an actor and Elvis is an accomplished and really great singer songwriter. His album "Ash Wednesday" was dedicated to his mother Barry who died on American Airlines Flight 92 on 9/11. This song is wonderful.

And as an added bonus: I've always loved Anthony Perkins, the singer. I've all of his albums. Below is the Anthony Perkins Jukebox... Enjoy.


Frankie said...

As I was skimming my bloglines, Focus on the Family grabbed my eye. What the he-- you may know I'm a homeschooler, but I'm not a FotF follower, as a great number of them are. I avoid those homeschool bloggers that are FotF followers like the plague. So it was a jolt to my system seeing those four words in my bloglines!
eww lol

I didn't know all this about Anthony Perkins. Interesting. I never viewed him as good looking or otherwise, I always (ashamedly) viewed him as Norman Bates.

Jana said...

Freaking hysterical, as always. Augh! Sophia Loren is to die for in that pic. And I cracked up at the comment, "A girl's best friend is her gay." Gotta send this to my sister. She'll love it. Blog on, dude. Always entertaining.

Aaron said...

I never appreciated Tony Perkins (the actor, not the Conservative fascist freak) until much later on. He really WAS very handsome, but those of us who only think of him in "Psycho" think of somebody very, very disturbed and don't pay attention to his looks. But he was all kinds of hot in his day. (And new flash--the "therapy" didn't make him "un-gay"--it was the fact that he'd already DONE everybody, so he might as well hang it up.)

Jesus, Tab Hunter was just luscious. Still is, even in his mid-70s. (And now he's out of the closet!)