Tuesday, November 18, 2008


While trying to distract myself while excercising I've been putting random comedy albums on my Ipod thingy. It amuses me that I'm listening to Belle Barth or Rusty Warren singing about Knockers and Peckers while I'm trying to lift dumbells over my head.

Recently, I plopped on these Milton Berle Roasts that I downloaded from somewhere. I swear I don't remember where so I can't give credit. I felt like I had to share because "Damn, this shit is dirty..." Fag jokes, Milton Berle's big penis jokes, pussy jokes, Paul Lynde is Dead jokes..." These Friar's Club evenings must have been a blast. Nothing was sacred.

I found myself gasping with 'crap did they just say that..." to letting out a big "Ba-Ha" while on the StairMaster. These were the sort of tapes my father would hide on the top shelf in the lights over the bar. We all knew they were there; and sometimes I'd sneak down stairs at night and play them quietly; I knew they were forbidden; I just didn't know why.

That said, they probably aren't safe for work; Unless you work in an all-men real estate office. In which case, turn it up as loud as you want.

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Aaron said...

"He said my wife was a yenta, a pain in the ass and a bad hum...but that's her problem!"