Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Costumes with the Dramatic Instinct
Joan Crawford Shows Her Stuff
Found in the February 1929 issue of Photoplay Magazine is this lovely spread of a 24 year old Joan Crawford modeling the latest of high fashions of the day. It's clear why Joan became a star, she just lights up these photos. I think people forget just how beautiful she was when she was young.


Aaron said...

Actually, she'd shown MORE of her stuff before they took the pictures. ;-)

But isn't it amazing how the lighting they used in the 20s and early 30s made her look completely different, with her eyes much more brightly lit? I never knew she had blue eyes until I was in college (I hadn't seen "Night Gallery" or "Berserk" or any of the color flicks until then).

David said...

That is a LIE, Aaron. Johnny, thanks for spreading the word of Joan. She was, as F. Scott Fitzgerals called her, 'the personification of youth and beauty'.

Jana said...

Johnny - where do you find this stuff? Do you have old mags you clip them out of or what? Please tell me you have the old mags because I'm hoping you'll want the ones I want to send your way. I know, I know -- random and you don't know me from Adam. But I have 4-5 of these old mags, one is from like 1952. My mother saved them for some reason and when she passed away, I got them. I cannot bring myself to get rid of them. I tried to sell them on ebay and had no bids. Since you seem to dig this stuff, I thought you might like them. I could send them to a PO box if you like. Go to my blog at and my info is there. One is Good Housekeeping, then, Motion Picture, Family Circle and the Saturday Evening Post. As always, there is some hilarious shit in them (unintentionally hilarious, of course). A whole spread on Sandra Dee is in one and Debby Reynolds too. A juicy pic of Robert Conrrad and so on. I think that one is from 1952. Lemme know, man. Jana

Johnny C said...

Hey Jena... I'd love them... but I can't find your info on your website... go to my profile, my e-mail is there. I've collected this stuff for a long time, hense my tag line, 45 years of accumulation. I'm glad that it's finally seeing the light of day. So many buried treasure in these old magazines.

and I never cut them up... heavens! :)