Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Big Secret

Another feminine odor ad, with some beautiful Vargas Girl-ish drawings. (click on photos to enlarge) The story:

The Bride: (tearfully) We've been married eight whole hours, and he hasn't so much as kissed me, and...

The Bride is then told by the mysterious US about The Big Secret! The secret of personal daintiness. And that soap doesn't have have that mannish smell to be effective.

After a bath where the mysterious US gives her some crap about it smelling like $20 an ounce perfume, her husband comes back after ignoring his new bride for eight hours to give her the old what for, but not before The Bride asks: But tell me... does Cashmere Bouquet always make a groom so attentive?
US: It's you who rates the attention, my pet... Cashmere Bouquet just insures the perfection of tender moments by guarding your daintiness!

I think Cashmere Bouquet would make a great drag name.


Graeme said...

Or, to the tune of "Raspberry Beret":

She used that
Caaaaa-shmere Bouquet
The kind U find in a second hand store...

Aaron said...

Euphemistic advertising is so good for a hoot now. I still love the simplicity of "Modess. Because..."

The unspoken reason was always enough to create the sense of urgency.

What would they say now?

"Cashmere Bouquet. Because you don't want your poonie to smell all mannish."