Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Winter is Cold... It's Cold!
Finally, I'm getting around to transferring some video, as if I don't have enough to transfer. Anyone who has any good links to video transferring info sites, please pass them on to me. I'm having sound syching problems.

This video is from 2002. Bric-a-Brac was asked to perform on the long running cable access show Chic-a-Go-Go. It's actually quite an honor to be on this show. Wicker Park hipsters and their kids dance around to rock and rap songs, and then a band is brought in to lip sync to one of their songs.
The Winter is Cold is always a fun song to perform; I never screw up the words. I found it on a album by a 1960's sisters group called Wendy and Bonnie. Got to love the sister groups. This is the 2002 band line up, with Seamus Harmey on violin, and Evelyn Weston on musical saw. Only Mike, Larry and myself are left from the original members. If you like this, you can buy our album on CD Baby.

We are planning on working on a new album, but it's been difficult getting everyone back together.

Oh, the video reminded me about a couple things. First my hair. I had long hair for about five years by this point. After I saw myself on this show I cut it. It was looking a little too thin on the top. But I still miss it. Perhaps I should start wearing wigs.

And the coat is made out of beaver fur. Randy gave it to me when some girlfriend of his gave it to him. He didn't like it; thought it was too 'gay' It actually reverses so that the outside is beaver leather. I'm sure it's really expensive. I'm not exactly anti-fur, but I'd never buy one for myself and I have felt conspicuous when I've worn it. I only drag it out when the temperature falls below zero. At that point, the anti-fur advocates be damned...I'm cold; It's the world's warmest coat.

One night it was a horribly cold. I'd gone to see Johnny Mathis at the Chicago Theatre. Where else could I wear a beaver skin fur coat without it being out of place? Afterwards, a friend of mine was having a birthday party at a bar called The Eagle. The Eagle is a hard core leather bar where they have a strict "leather only" dress code. I didn't want to go, but Vic told me that they'd let me in the front bar, I just couldn't go in the back. However, the doorman took one look at me in my beaver leather skin, fur lined, coat and conservative suit and he wouldn't let me in. I said, I was only going to come in for a drink in the front bar which was empty except for about five people who were there for the birthday drinks. But he got stern and said that only people in leather could come into the bar. "Well" I said, "it's your loss, 'cause I'm a big drunk!"

Original Wendy and Bonnie Version.

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Aaron said...

I remember hearing the original version some years back, and I actually like yours a lot better. I love the retro-sound Bric-a-Brac creates. The harmonies are smooth and the melodies are like buttah!

It's like the Vogues or the Lettermen, without the smarmy personalities...