Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Tragic Truth
The Smell that Must Not Speak Its Name

This is not a story for smug complacent wives! It's for you who cherish happiness... and seek to keep it!

People were talking...about how young Mrs. Smith had changed! In fact, how the Smith marriage had changed!

Those two had been the town's gayest, most devoted young couple. But now you seldom saw them together -- and she went about with smiling lips but tragic eyes.

The truth was that lovely young Mrs. Smith was losing her husband's love... the tragic part was she didn't know why! Click on ad below for the answer.

If this was so tragic, why didn't Douglas Sirk make a movie about it with Lana Turner or Lauren Bacall?

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Θράσος said...

Ok,how much did she stink?The poor guy!!!