Sunday, October 19, 2008

RIP Edie Adams

Last week we lost another pop icon Edie Adams. Edie fits into that niche of actress that seems to have gone the way to the dodo bird. The beautiful sexy woman who was funny, could sing, act and I'm assuming could fix her own sink if she had to.

Known in the 50's as Ernie Kovak's wife and straight woman, she had to rebuild her life out of nothing when she found herself alone with a child and in debt. Probably known best to people of a certain age as the Muriel Cigars girl, but I remember her best as Sid Caesar's wife in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. About five years ago, I was lucky enough to be treated by my pal Dan to see a 40th anniversary screening at the Cinerama Torchlight Theatre on that gigantic screen. (Lanie Kazan and Michelle Lee were sitting a few rows behind me - now that's how a movie is meant to be seen!) We arrived breathlessly almost late because of the horrible L.A. traffic (there was a transit strike on so it was worse than usual). We ran in and Dan almost stepped right into Edie. There she was glass cane in hand all dolled up to watch that movie probably for the nine thousandth time. What a great evening!

Dan has also shown me some amazing clips from her specials. I hope they'll be rediscovered someday so this incredible performer can get the kudos she deserved.

Here is one of my favorites from Dan's collection of her commercials.

and Click HERE for a touching tribute to her by of all people Tommy Chong.
Here is a lovely song by her on the final episode of I Love Lucy. This is class.

See below for the Edie Adams Jukebox.



David said...

She was a TROOPER. It's MMM World is one of my favorite films and who is left from the main group of scavenger hunters? Jonathon Winters, Sid Caesar, Mickey Rooney, Dorothy Provine. Someone should do MMM World survivors website.

krissy said...

What a beautiful song that was. I remember seeing that. I remember being struck by the sadness of that song on that episode because the feelings Lucy and Ricky had for each other were so obvious those last few years and it was so sad.I am currently watching the I Love Lucy's in order from Season 4 (the Hollywood shows) on. I will have to listen to her more. I never know anything about her. Thanks!