Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Dad Could Skate Rings Around You...

This is one of my favorite films of my father. This is probably 1955 judging by my father's glasses and the newly constructed Kinzie grade school in the background. My father loved to skate and still has them hanging up in the garage. Several years ago he and his brothers Harold, George, Art would get together once a week and go to the suburban skating rink and go around and around for hours together. My mother really resented these outings my father did with his brothers. (She never liked my Uncle Art since 1966 when he got drunk and threw their anniversary cake down the basement stairs.) If I called and he wasn't there she would snort, "Your father isn't here. He's off acting like some kid for the afternoon with his brothers. I was glad they had this quality time together, because soon after he lost all of his brothers from some form of cancer.

Anyway, this was taken in Wentworth Park in Chicago. Do they still flood parks to make them ice skating rinks?

Recently I watched these home movies with my parents. My father commented on this film when we watched it how cold it was that day and how my mother froze her hands taking these movies.

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