Saturday, October 04, 2008


Last week, Graeme saw this lovely handmade wallet on He had thought of giving it to Doris whom he's gotten to know since he moved into my building a few months ago. Doris is known as the squirrel lady in the neighborhood; always making sure that they have little tuna tins of water under the trees, giving them sugar cookies, and generally making them do her bidding whenever she wants. There is a small park across the street where she is the high mistress of her squirrel kingdom, where she rules over her minions of Ralphies. (Oh did I forget to mention she has named them all Ralphie.) It's eerie, you can feel dozens of eyes staring at you when you pass through the park. If you stand too long they come out and demand that you give them some food. Doris has created a park full of spoil brat wild creatures.

Needless to say, he thought this wallet would be a perfect gift. Especially because along with the squirrel on the front of the bill fold there is a special "No Hunting" notice carved on the back. He won the bid and it arrived a couple days ago. The wallet was all that was promised with its leather hand tooled drawing of what looks like a squirrel choking on something. But what was surprising was that he found in the bill fold a crumbling, badly typed letter from the original owner that recounts a crime and the strange circumstances in which he was given the wallet.THE LETTER:

When I was Marshal in Jameston, on a night of Nov 4-64 this happened, Amos Holt, London Ky, and brother Ray both now living in Boone Co, Ind. and a friend that worked with them was drinking in Lebanon and were thrown out of a Club there. Then the brother's wanted to go hunting, Oliver Borton, their friend said we would go hunting down by Jamestown. They went to Harry Hoovermales farm south of Jamestown. Ray started to release a female dog and Amos objected, said not to she would get lost, Ray said he would turn her loose if he wanted to, she was his, the brothers got into a fight. Amos drew a knife and cut his a 5 in gash over the right kidney on his back. Borton drove into town. I was contacted, went to where the car was parked, Amos in the back seat holding his brother stated a stranger cut his brother while in the woods. Borton standing beside the car whispered that is not so, Amos cut his brother and shown me the knife laying on the back fender where he lay it. I called sheriff, also my deputies and the three were taken to Lebanon, Amos to jail. Ray to hospital, doctors stated he could see Ray's kidney when sowing him up.

Amos very mean, may have some mental trouble, must be watched all the time when in custody.

Nov 5, the father and sister contacted me, I think they had come up from Ky. We talked about the trouble and the father gave me this bill fold, stated his daughter made them. To my knowledge both brothers still live in Boone Co.

Graeme is keeping the wallet. (And thanks Graeme for letting me share this weird thrift find.)

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I would have kept the wallet as well.