Sunday, October 26, 2008

House Party -
Home Movies

I suppose that there is nothing more horrifying than to be asked , "Do you want to watch some home movies?" Badly shot scenes of people smiling blankly into the camera, wandering around, wide slow pans of scenery. It's like watching French cinema!

I'm going ask you to indulge me in joining me as I post some of my family's 8mm home movies. Unlike most things home movies just get better with age. My parents filmed everything during this period of their life; fishing trips, birthdays, Thanksgiving dinners, vacation trips. My only regret is that I'm not in many of our home movies. Out of the five hours of home movies I'm only about a half hour.

My mother was a very good photographer. I remember we had all those "How to Make Home Movie" books around the house. And she followed them to the letter. Smooth pans. Good cuts. I can always tell when someone else has the camera in their hands. What she captured on film is an amazing document of the times and the history of my family. I'm so glad that I have it. And glad that I transferred it to tape several years ago. I asked my father recently where the films were, because I could do a better job these days with a digital camera. He said, "I've no idea. I might have thrown them out!" So much for family history.

I'm not sure what the circumstances were for this particular party; I watched this with my father recently and he laughed to see the amount of liqour bottles piled by the couch. My father is the dark haired man pretending to drink the two bottles of whiskey. My mother is the woman who almost gets knocked in the jaw by the pool cue. The other guys are my uncles Harold and Art. The man in the t-shirt is Bill, my parent's best friend. The woman he's kissing at the beginning isn't his wife, she's the blond drinking shots down the way...

I asked my father, "Who is Bill kissing..." "That's his wife's cousin..." Man! Scandalous.

I've hours of this stuff. So expect more to come... Sorry, I'll supply the chips and beer while you watch...


Anonymous said...

that looks like one wild party. I can only imagine what was going on off camera!

Mr. Airedale

Graeme said...

I love watching other people's old home movies... really! These are great! :)