Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hey Everyone I'm Gay!
Today is National Coming Out Day!

There I've said it! Whew...

I came out in the late 80's after I'd finally moved away from my parents at the ripe age of 24. I knew I was, but never really acted on it out of fear and self-denial. Then I met Jason who was a long haired, blond free spirit, and I was completely smitten. Of course, he could have cared less about about me and I was broken hearted for a long time; but the gay cat had been let out of the bag and it couldn't stuff it back in. I think Gloria was the first person that I told and her response was "Oh everyone knows that. They were just waiting for you to admit it..." Years later I ran into Jason in a bar. It was around the time that the Ellen show was dealing was her coming out. The storyline was that Ellen was in love with Laura Dern and her feelings for Dern make her realize that she's been denying these feelings all her life. I told Jason that I was thankful to him because he was my Laura Dern. If it weren't for him who knows when I would have run across a long haired pretty blond guy I would have fallen for...

or I would have had to have waited until I watched this commercial.

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Aaron said...

I was 28 before I came out to my mom...she was not the least bit surprised.

(That John LaJoie guy is all kinds of adorable...!!)