Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tea Making Tips...
I've always been a tea drinker. When I was a teenager I used to drink gallons of it made in an old Mr. Coffee. Part of my quest never to sleep, I guess. But in the 70's tea was mainly seen as something you drank when you were sick. I've pissed off many a flight attendant. I've noticed that that sigma has sort of gone away and it doesn't feel weird anymore to ask for tea with my breakfast.

I didn't know that tea making was so complicated. I just boil and dunk... but this very dry, but charming little film is filled with fun tips. And as one of the youtuber comments says: Those women could cut diamonds with their accents.

h/t Thax Douglas

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Aaron said...

Yes, how about those pseudo-posh accents? They opened their mouths and Barbara Cartland fell out.

On another note, did anybody else think that "tea instructor" was a teensy bit hot in a DILF kind of way? (If he kept his mouth shut, that is.) Such delicate hands, sifting through those leaves...