Sunday, September 21, 2008

Illustrated Men...
or Some Money Making Ideas for this Bad Economy
I've recently came across these Mechanix Illustrated magazines from the mid-1950s. Growing up my father always kept a stack of these in the basement bathroom. In the good old days everything was illustrated, I guess.
In revisiting this magazine genre I was struck less by the crazy inventions such as the air conditioned lawn mower, but by all the ads and filler.

The majority of the ads were about a myriad of ways to make money, get promotions, getting laid. Not much has change in that respect, but the options definitely have...

Yes, you too can quit your day job and investigate accidents, re-upholster furniture, sharpen saw blades or most interestingly start a plastic laminating company out of your own home.

Charles Atlas was (and still is) a legend in the world of physical fitness. Billed as the World's Most Perfectly Formed Man, he gave hope to every skinny guy who ever got sand kicked in his face. His method was based on physical resistance of pushing one muscle against another. This never worked for me, but it must work for some one because the company is still around and giving annual awards for the best body based on the system.

I'd have to check off slimmer waist for this ad...

Is there a moment in every boy/man's life when he wants to smoke a pipe. I recall that I went shopping for one just about the time I started college. I think I might have even gone with my mother. (Weird memory flashback). As years went by the only pipes I saw anyone with had pot in them.

More than 50 years ago the only way that men could look at anything slightly 'exciting' was through these offers in the back of mechanic magazines.

I'm sure this was probably one of the movies... the lovely Sandra Storm. slightly NSFW, unless you are working for yourself laminating or filing saws.

Finally, to prove that women were also represented in this world of possibilities, Joyce Myron, atomic energy expert shows that Uncle Sam also needs women scientists. Joyce looks like they surprised her as she was putting a price tag on a nuclear reactor.

Night All...


Frankie said...

Oh my gosh, did this post hit home. Dad smoked Sir Walter Raleigh. I had almost forgotten about it. Every ime he lit his pipe, my mother would go crazy ranting because she hated his "stinkin' pipe". I bet Dad wished mom was like the cartoon babe. lol

lol at the video. It was, um, unique--I loved how she went to the curtain to deposit her clothes.

BC said...

How did you get a hold of my audition tape for 'America's Next Top Model'?