Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She's Really Dancing with the Stars
Cyd Cherrise RIP 1921- 2008

photo via:, an opera gloves fetish site.

Cyd Cherrise had such an impression on my young mind. Her long strong muscular legs always wrapped around Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire made me thing this is what sex was all about. When you watched her dance it was like watching a python strangle it's victim; Her moves were slow and not flashly but every move seemed to have such extreme power it was like she could crush anyone she was with.

I have a funny Cyd Cherrise story: In the 80's I saw her at the Drury Lane Martinque in some play called Young At Heart or something like that. A generation gap comedy. The Martinque was a theatre in the round and fairly small. Everyone projected when they spoke but Cyd had a body mike one. So when she talked her small voice would boom from around the room. In one scene i.e Singing the Rain she came in with a bag of groceries. The microphone against the bag sounded like the walls were caving in...

I know that everyone will want to post something from Singing in the Rain as a tribute to her, but this clip from 1954's Deep in My Heart sums up Cyd's dancing style to me. So erotic it makes me hold my breath.

Also, in tribute watch Cyd and Fred Astaire's Dancing in the Dark. When I was a teenager I thought that this was what falling in love would be like. Boy was I wrong.

RIP Cyd.

My heart really goes out to Tony Martin her husband of 50 years.

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Andy said...

thank you for exposing me to previously-unknown opera glove fetishism. i am sure that this was the real intent of this post, yes?