Monday, June 23, 2008

RIP Dody Goodman

When Graeme sent me the notice that poor Dody passed away I wrote him that I'd have to do another memorial post on my blog; and that it was starting to look like a cemetery lately. He suggested changing the name to A Hole in the Headstone. Ha!

I was too young to know Dody Goodman when she was on the Jack Paar Show. She'll always be Martha Shumway to me. Refer to my 7th grade diary to learn how obsessed I was with Mary Hartman at that time. I have nothing but warm memories for Dody. I'd always be happy when an episode revolved around her sweet, fretful, always confused, character. I don't know if the whackiness was an act, but she could have faked that warm glow she projected that just made you want to have cookies and listen to her talk.

I remembered that I had an article about her in my Mary Hartman scrapbook. Click Here for the pdf.

or you can listen to it read by a Natural Reader voice

Thanks for all the laughs Dody.

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Aaron said...

She really WAS that warm, by all accounts. I remember seeing "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" when I was about 8 yrs. old at my Grandma's house. She'd had a heart attack, and couldn't take stairs, and since the grandkids were taking turns spending the night with her, she'd fall asleep on the sofa bed when the news was over.

She'd have shit if she knew I was wide awake and watching that show! But Mary's mother always cracked me up. The thing with the coach drowning in the bowl of soup is still a classic. It's on YouTube, too, unless they've pulled it already.