Tuesday, June 24, 2008

McCoo Muscles

I thought this song was strange when Diana Ross did it. But nothing compares to this version from the ever strange Solid Gold. I love Marilyn McCoo's voice, she's a really under rated, beautiful singer. However, even Ms. McCoo can't pull this one out of from it's murky, depths.

Solid Gold always found a way to make the popular songs of the day seem like soft porn. This is no different. Although I find it ironic that as McCoo coos "I Want Muscles", her personal, live microphone stands are the most muscle-free guys that I've seen. I mean I've got bigger biceps than these dudes, and I've got arms like Audrey Hepburn.

Thanks to Thax Douglas for finding this gem


Aaron said...

Even weirder was the McCoo/Solid Gold version of "Call Me." Their answer to the pulsing synthesizer was a tremolo-string track. It sounded like The Modernaires covering Blondie by way of the Boston Pops. Not tres appealing.

Those guys might have had their muscles somewhere the camera couldn't go. Which would explain why Marilyn cooed... ;-)

Gary Airedale said...

I just realized that Madam looks like Bea Arthur.