Monday, June 30, 2008

Life Lesson #3798
Never Play After Strippers
Last Saturday, my band Bric-a-Brac played at a lesbian prom as part of the Pride Weekend. It was put on by the Girlie-Q Productions who do old style burlesque. Let me say that the girls are great. Watching them is just like going back in time to 1964 on Rush Street. The show was a rousing success. The Spot was filled to capacity by lesbians in their best prom dresses and rented white tuxes. The bad part was that after an hour an a half of boobs and lace, no one was in any mood to listen to us play kitchy rock. After 3 songs, everyone cleared the room like a bus just pulled up to the door offering free rides to the Home Depot.
We had a couple dancers for the first two songs. As seen here they were just will-o'-the-wisp's that flickered for a few moments then disappeared. Boa boy was roaming the bar all night long. He was getting"very" familiar with the few guys at the event. The drunker he got the more he seemed to forget about term 'personal space'. Here is when he jumped on stage for the first time to talk incoherently into the microphone about what a great night it was and how it was pride weekend. I think it was during this rant that a lot of people decided it was time to leave. I commented after he left the stage that he looked like a young Tony Curtis. He went up to my friend Dan and said, "Who's Tony Curtis? Is that a good thing to look like him?"

Later on during one of our songs he jumped up again and tried to grab the mic away from me. He was hustled away by the owner, but a few minutes later was dancing on the bar. I watched as he slipped and fell off only to valiantly climb back up. Ah youth. Here Jason gets distracted by a beautiful amazon. Earlier in the evening Caroline was outside having a cigarette with her. Some short guy came out of the tattoo shop next door, went up to her bosom and put his face in it. She said to him, "I know you want me, but I'm a lesbian and you'll never have me." I'm assuming she then ground him under her heel. We trod on with our set, but we figured it was time to leave when they started to sweep the floor. I half expected any minute the staff would come out in their pajamas and start turning off the lights.

We got the message and closed up shop. It's sometimes goofy being in a band. Anyway, it really was a really silly, fun night. JT from Girlie Q Productions couldn't have been nicer, and we got some fantastic photos out of it! Thanks to Debbie Dodge for taking them!


Aaron said...

Great pics! I'm sorry I couldn't be there for that one. And not because of Boa Boy, either!

Next time, play some Joan Jett--I'll bet the lesbeans stick around! :-)

David said...

You should have raped boa boy and threw him your trunk. The kids like that stuff nowadays.