Thursday, June 26, 2008

David Fink the owner of the Acorn Theatre sent me an e-mail about this tragic story of a young singer suddenly struck by cancer. I felt I had to pass on the link to everyone. I spend dollars so carelessly with downloading music. This time I hope it will help a fellow artist.

LINK HERE FOR KATIE REIDER'S STORY. and download her song.

Below is the e-mail David Fink sent me:

The link above takes you to a website for a talented and beautiful woman who performed at the Acorn Theater in April of 2006. Her story weighs heavily on me. I urge you all to download her music for $1.00 and to send a link to this website to others who may contribute. All the money raised from the download goes for her medical care.

One of the audience members recorded her performance at the Acorn and copied discs that he brought to sell at the Acorn to raise money for her medical care. Our generous audience (many of whom saw Katie perform at that show) donated over $800 that night. I am moved and grateful for their generosity.

I hope I can help Katie's friends and family reach their goal of 500,000 downloads in 265 days.

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