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Life Lesson #3798
Never Play After Strippers
Last Saturday, my band Bric-a-Brac played at a lesbian prom as part of the Pride Weekend. It was put on by the Girlie-Q Productions who do old style burlesque. Let me say that the girls are great. Watching them is just like going back in time to 1964 on Rush Street. The show was a rousing success. The Spot was filled to capacity by lesbians in their best prom dresses and rented white tuxes. The bad part was that after an hour an a half of boobs and lace, no one was in any mood to listen to us play kitchy rock. After 3 songs, everyone cleared the room like a bus just pulled up to the door offering free rides to the Home Depot.
We had a couple dancers for the first two songs. As seen here they were just will-o'-the-wisp's that flickered for a few moments then disappeared. Boa boy was roaming the bar all night long. He was getting"very" familiar with the few guys at the event. The drunker he got the more he seemed to forget about term 'personal space'. Here is when he jumped on stage for the first time to talk incoherently into the microphone about what a great night it was and how it was pride weekend. I think it was during this rant that a lot of people decided it was time to leave. I commented after he left the stage that he looked like a young Tony Curtis. He went up to my friend Dan and said, "Who's Tony Curtis? Is that a good thing to look like him?"

Later on during one of our songs he jumped up again and tried to grab the mic away from me. He was hustled away by the owner, but a few minutes later was dancing on the bar. I watched as he slipped and fell off only to valiantly climb back up. Ah youth. Here Jason gets distracted by a beautiful amazon. Earlier in the evening Caroline was outside having a cigarette with her. Some short guy came out of the tattoo shop next door, went up to her bosom and put his face in it. She said to him, "I know you want me, but I'm a lesbian and you'll never have me." I'm assuming she then ground him under her heel. We trod on with our set, but we figured it was time to leave when they started to sweep the floor. I half expected any minute the staff would come out in their pajamas and start turning off the lights.

We got the message and closed up shop. It's sometimes goofy being in a band. Anyway, it really was a really silly, fun night. JT from Girlie Q Productions couldn't have been nicer, and we got some fantastic photos out of it! Thanks to Debbie Dodge for taking them!

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The Exciting Adventures of Sylvia Sanders Conclude...

It's my dream someday to read these 'lost' books aloud so people could download them and listen in their cars.
To her surprise she heard Helena's voice.

"You've been unconscious" the nurse told her.

The man seemed to be following her.

" Miss Middlecoff sent this", She Said.

"Our Sylvia Sanders!" Bob said proudly.

"I just had to Speak To You," she faltered.

David Fink the owner of the Acorn Theatre sent me an e-mail about this tragic story of a young singer suddenly struck by cancer. I felt I had to pass on the link to everyone. I spend dollars so carelessly with downloading music. This time I hope it will help a fellow artist.

LINK HERE FOR KATIE REIDER'S STORY. and download her song.

Below is the e-mail David Fink sent me:

The link above takes you to a website for a talented and beautiful woman who performed at the Acorn Theater in April of 2006. Her story weighs heavily on me. I urge you all to download her music for $1.00 and to send a link to this website to others who may contribute. All the money raised from the download goes for her medical care.

One of the audience members recorded her performance at the Acorn and copied discs that he brought to sell at the Acorn to raise money for her medical care. Our generous audience (many of whom saw Katie perform at that show) donated over $800 that night. I am moved and grateful for their generosity.

I hope I can help Katie's friends and family reach their goal of 500,000 downloads in 265 days.
The Further Illustrated Adventures of Sylvia Sanders
Panel two is tee-shirt ready.

"Guess I Better Take Over," Wyman said.

" So you've been exploring", Carlos added

"This Doesn't Look Very Promising," Hal said

She could not forget the largest suitcase.

"Do you sing?" Hall asked Sylvia.

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Sylvia Sanders and the Tangled Web
The story of a Girl’s Struggle for a Radio Career

I'm always on the look out now for some good illustrations; and when my friend Steve showed me this book he found in the Wisconsin Dells a few weeks ago, I knew I had to borrow it and post the drawings.

Illustrated by Hedwig Jo Meixner; who made a career out of drawing successful young women. I've found that she not only illustrated the novels "Deanna Durbin and the Feather of Flame" but "Polly the Powers model and the Puzzle of the Haunted Camera" and "Sally Scott of the Waves". You can purchase some Lana Turner Paper Dolls on Amazon.

I'm sure Mike Lynch knows much more about the name of this style of illustration. The thing that I love about them are the captions beneath the drawings. Each one is a gem and tells the story of Sylvia Sander's quest to make it in the big city in the world of radio. The story of Sylvia Sanders was written by Ruby Lorraine Radford, who was part of the The Federal Writers’ Project Ex-Slaves project, in which she interviewed and complied the stories of over thirty ex-slaves in the 1930's. Click Here to read about it.

There are a ten more drawings I'll post over the next couple of days.



Thanks again to Steve for letting me borrow the book.

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Stalking Opportunity
My band Bric-a-Brac joins A Congress of Starlings and a bevy of burlesque dollies from Girlie-Q for a very special Queer Prom this Saturday. What a way to start Pride Weekend by putting on your best lime green tux or old bridesmaid's dress and dance the night away.
Lots of games, raffles, and boobs will abound.
$15 - a portion of the proceeds will go to Beyondmedia Education.
@ The Spot 4437 N. Broadway.
We'll be upstairs. Hope to see you!
McCoo Muscles

I thought this song was strange when Diana Ross did it. But nothing compares to this version from the ever strange Solid Gold. I love Marilyn McCoo's voice, she's a really under rated, beautiful singer. However, even Ms. McCoo can't pull this one out of from it's murky, depths.

Solid Gold always found a way to make the popular songs of the day seem like soft porn. This is no different. Although I find it ironic that as McCoo coos "I Want Muscles", her personal, live microphone stands are the most muscle-free guys that I've seen. I mean I've got bigger biceps than these dudes, and I've got arms like Audrey Hepburn.

Thanks to Thax Douglas for finding this gem

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RIP Dody Goodman

When Graeme sent me the notice that poor Dody passed away I wrote him that I'd have to do another memorial post on my blog; and that it was starting to look like a cemetery lately. He suggested changing the name to A Hole in the Headstone. Ha!

I was too young to know Dody Goodman when she was on the Jack Paar Show. She'll always be Martha Shumway to me. Refer to my 7th grade diary to learn how obsessed I was with Mary Hartman at that time. I have nothing but warm memories for Dody. I'd always be happy when an episode revolved around her sweet, fretful, always confused, character. I don't know if the whackiness was an act, but she could have faked that warm glow she projected that just made you want to have cookies and listen to her talk.

I remembered that I had an article about her in my Mary Hartman scrapbook. Click Here for the pdf.

or you can listen to it read by a Natural Reader voice

Thanks for all the laughs Dody.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She's Really Dancing with the Stars
Cyd Cherrise RIP 1921- 2008

photo via:, an opera gloves fetish site.

Cyd Cherrise had such an impression on my young mind. Her long strong muscular legs always wrapped around Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire made me thing this is what sex was all about. When you watched her dance it was like watching a python strangle it's victim; Her moves were slow and not flashly but every move seemed to have such extreme power it was like she could crush anyone she was with.

I have a funny Cyd Cherrise story: In the 80's I saw her at the Drury Lane Martinque in some play called Young At Heart or something like that. A generation gap comedy. The Martinque was a theatre in the round and fairly small. Everyone projected when they spoke but Cyd had a body mike one. So when she talked her small voice would boom from around the room. In one scene i.e Singing the Rain she came in with a bag of groceries. The microphone against the bag sounded like the walls were caving in...

I know that everyone will want to post something from Singing in the Rain as a tribute to her, but this clip from 1954's Deep in My Heart sums up Cyd's dancing style to me. So erotic it makes me hold my breath.

Also, in tribute watch Cyd and Fred Astaire's Dancing in the Dark. When I was a teenager I thought that this was what falling in love would be like. Boy was I wrong.

RIP Cyd.

My heart really goes out to Tony Martin her husband of 50 years.

Senior Photos

Over at The Mangina Monologues, there is a fabulous post of some Senior Photos, with some hilarious (and wonderfully mean) captions.

Just to join in the fun; here is my high school graduation photo. I remember that shirt well. I was salmon colored and 100% rayon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Light Blubs!

My paranoid next door neighbor warned me about putting those new fluorescent light bulbs in our hallway because they would explode. She's always thinking something is going to explode or catch on fire. When I moved in here she warned me about not screwing in the light bulbs too tight; She's always poking her nose around my house looking at the wattage of the bulbs I have in my lamps. However, this time she might be right. Here is a clip I found on land-o-links this morning of Congressman Poe from Texas talking about the new bill that would require all Americans to use these bulbs by 2014.

I actually really like these spirally bulbs that claim to last for years. They only seem to last maybe a little over a year. Poe's speech is very entertaining when he explains how to dispose of these bulbs.

I'm debating whether to stoke the fires of my neighbor's light bulb paranoia by sending her this.

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When Captions Go Wrong

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From The Carpenters last special. My insider sources tell me that Richard vows never to release their specials on DVD. He doesn't want people to mock them. So I'm glad some fine soul posted this clip of two of the best singers of the last century. Enjoy.

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