Thursday, May 08, 2008


Funny, it was just yesterday that Eddie Arnold's name came up. Randy is doing a Mother's Day program on his morning show and asked me if I had a copy of MOTHER. Not Lennon's Mother, but the "Put Them All Together They Spell..." song. Which I learned was written by the same man, Howard Johnson, who wrote 'We All Scream for Ice Cream". (You got to love the Internet.) I also found out that Eddie Arnold had a number one country hit with it in the 1950's. I made a note to see what Eddie Arnold was up to these days. I half remembered him putting out a new album a couple years ago. This morning I found out he had just died.
I've always loved Eddie Arnold's voice, it immediately brings me back to driving in cars with the AM radio on. He was called the Bing Crosby of Country Music and I tend to agree. Everything he sang sounded smooth and easy. I'd put him in the comfort food section of male singers.

I know all the tributes will be highlighting "Anytime" or "Cattle Call" but these songs are two of my favorites: "San Francisco Is a Lonely Town" and "I Started a Joke" written by the Bee Gees.

(Note: There is a problem with the sound files. They are playing too slow. I'm looking into why this suddenly happened. Check back)

San Francisco Is a Lonely Town

I Started a Joke


Aaron said...

Are the MP3 files posted at the correct speed? I tried playing "I Started A Joke" and heard the singing frog from the Warner Bros. cartoons! :-)

I remember "Welcome To My World" especially, because when I was in middle school my dad was in a local C&W cover band where they played the song at all their gigs. My mom and I grew to hate hearing it. Especially as sung by their singer.

Johnny C said...

Aaron: That's hysterical. Those songs sound downright spooky at that speed. I'm at the mercy of who hosts my mp3s. They play fine from the host site. And they played fine this morning when I tested them.

I've got my secretary working on it now to solve the problem...:)

Aaron said...

Well, make sure her slip isn't showing, and she isn't chewing gum or acting human! :-)

Johnny C said...

I just checked and they seem like they are fine again. Let me know if there are still problems. This would have been fixed sooner by my secretary has been bragging and gossiping all day long.