Monday, April 14, 2008

Star Trek: Passage to Moauv

I really like doing these book and record sets; even if they are pain to do. They bring together my love of radio dramas and comic books.

Compared to the Frankenstein monster issue I did a few weeks ago, the Star Trek doesn't really lend itself to the comic book form. There is way too much dialogue. I think these stories had double duty on just records without the comics attached. I've tried to spice it up with some special effects. The record is a tad scratchy, and I left every pop and whiz in for your enjoyment.
The comic itself was in pretty bad shape; it looked like it had some water damage. However, I hope this will entertain the Star Trek completests out there. I don't know much about the Star Trek mythology; Were Spock and Bones always this bitchy to each other. And Sulu looks like he is black and not Asian. Also, any ideas on if those are really Shatner and Nimoy? I doubt it, but they are good impersonations. All-in-all it's a pretty fun story, if only to see Spock and Kirk go at it growling like cats. Meow!

If you would like to download the full-screen video I've posted it HERE. It's a wma file.

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Mike Lynch said...

Johnny, I haven't listened to this in years. There were a number of these that came out before the 1979 TREK movie, and then there were a few more recorded and put in stores to capitalize on the movie.

These were low budget products, the initial book & record combos came out under the imprint of Power Records in 1975. The actors were uncredited.

Lots more information at Dan Hauser's Guide to the STAR TREK Story Records site here: