Friday, April 11, 2008

Some Great News about a Couple Friends.
I had to pass this along about some great things that happened to a couple friends of mine.

I've known Randy since the 7th grade. We met one afternoon during a particularly grueling gym class where we were, as Janis Ian once sang in "At Seventeen" "never called when choosing sides for basketball". Except I think it was a football game. Randy turned to me and said, "I they wouldn't want Jesus on their team either..." There are tons of Randy stories in my 7th Grade Diary blog. And I have some of our grade school tapes in one of my podcasts. Randy was always one to take chances, whether it was talking me into finding a way to get to the roof of the Sears Tower or running across Midway Airport. I think we were kicked out of every building in downtown Chicago when we were 13. Today we'd be in some federal prison for the things we did.

Anyway... every since I've known Randy he's been been obsessed with three things, television, radio, and airplanes. For 20 years he's been working for various airlines as a flight attendant even though his dream was to become a pilot. During a brief period in the 80's he tried his hand at radio and worked as the producer for a local late night icon, Eddie Schwartz. But it wasn't a pleasant experience with long hours and little money. He went back to the airlines handing out hot towels and sodas.

Last year around this time he decided to take another break from the friendly skies and he took a low paying job in a small town in Shawano, Wisconsin. And he is now the morning deejay at WTCH-AM 960 Moose Radio . He's been complaining again about the low salary and the change from flying to Paris to being in a town of 8000. But I was rooting for him to stick with it because being on the radio is what he was born to do.

This month after only being on the air a year he won the Wisconsin Broadcasting Association's award for "Best Personality" and "Best Morning Program" in a small market. If you want to hear a sampling of his early morning, small town radio show, I've included it here. As you can hear he's heavily influenced by the WGN and WLS deejays we grew up with in the 60's. I can especially hear that he's doing his impression of Johnny Carson that he used to do to amuse all the kids in the playground in the 7th grade.

Also this month, my friend Chris Ligon sent out a message that two of his songs, "Crazy Dazy" and "Knocked up French Girls" are going to be on the Dr. Demento Show this weekend. I didn't even know the Dr. Demento Show was still on. I was an avid listener in the 70's and he probably influenced my musical tastes more than anything. I also remember it was one of the few times that my parents put their foot down about what I listened to. I think he was playing that "Shaving Cream" song and my father said: You're too young to listen to this. So, the fact he's on the Dr. Demento Show is my boyhood equivalent of playing at Carnegie Hall.

It seems the Dr. Demento Show isn't in as many markets as it used to be. But here is a link to the Dr. Demento site with the places you can hear it. The Dr Demento Show. It might be worth the drive to Albany, Oregon to listen.

Chris is an amazing singer/songwriter and in fact wrote the theme song to Randy's morning Show. I swear if you hear this once you'll never get it out of your head. It's taking Shawano by storm. Randy told me that the night shift at the hospital all wait to hear the Randy in the Morning song so they know that it's time to go home.

So I just wanted to say "CONGRATULATIONS" to a couple of swell guys. If you are near a radio this weekend tune in to hear Chris' songs; Or if you are driving through the middle of Wisconsin at six in the morning be sure to tune into Randy in the Morning.


Aaron said...

Congrats to both! I'm particularly happy for Randy, who shelved what he wanted to do for so long, but is now doing it again, and successfully.

It gives me hope!

Frankie said...

I remember Randy from your other blog. Congrats to both of your friends!