Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heartbreak Hotel
Addams Family Style
Gisele MacKenzie is one of those forgotten female vocalists who needs to be rediscovered. A Canadian version of Rosemary Clooney, Gisele had a few minor hits, but best known as one of the stars of "Your Hit Parade". I've made it a quest to find more of these shows. They were very creative in the way that they presented the hits of the day. Such as this version of Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel. It might offend some Elvis purists, but I think it's terrific!


Aaron said...

I love this! How clever...I love the set design too. I wonder how long she had to pratice to get her eyebrows to move independently of each other like that. :-)

She has a terrific voice, too.

David said...

Thanks for the 411 Johnny!

Aildoux said...

As for your quest, could be interesting for you. GM was probably the first french canadian signer to have some success in the USA, way before Celine Dion. That is something that needs to be recognized.