Wednesday, April 30, 2008


My poor late cat Fiona was a big talker. I she pretty much learned how to say 'turkey', and had a vocabulary of about 20 words. Really, how much does a cat really need to say. This cat however seems to be the Norman Mailer of the feline word. I'm sure it's cute the first few times, but then it would be like having a small demon roaming about the house.

One dark night, Fiona coughed up a hair ball and began to make similar noises. It was the most frightening thing to be woken up to what sounded like a human voice in the other room desperately trying to form words. No wonder cats were looked on with suspicion in the Middle Ages.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy 66th Birthday Barbra!

Art by Cheryl Lavender

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Thanks Graeme for finding this!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Throughout my working career I've often been put in the awkward position of being the 'male' secretary. Until recently I was the Executive Secretary for the CEO of a non-profit. One of my duties was to coordinate the bi-monthly board meetings; getting coffee, danish, taking notes, etc. At one of these meetings, one of the board members came up to me and said: Don't you feel that being a male secretary is demeaning. I humda-humda'd and said something like "Oh it's very rewarding..." But it stung. I thought 'what a stupid thing to ask someone'. But then I thought "Wow... what a loser I am to be a male secretary".

In the 80's I recall going to apply for temp work. I got very few calls for work, even though my typing skills were good. It was to be expected, I was told by the interviewer, "Our clients preferred female secretaries". I was eyed with suspicion for even applying for the job. Eve Arden and Ann Sheridan I wasn't. Which brings us to this lovely pamphlet put out by the Remington Rand Typewriter Company on "How to Be a Super Secretary". Judging by the advice, a secretary was expected to be part-wife, part-maid, part mistress. The perfect woman their wives could never be; Hiding their feelings, looking perfect, acting pleasant, remembering her place, and always putting her boss before herself. Outside of going to Japan and getting a Geisha, a secretary was the next best thing.

However, I think a lot of this advice is still being touted at those "Be a Great Administrative Assistant" seminars that I get advertisements for every few weeks.

Common sense tips like: Keep a neat desk; don't bother the boss with your petty personal problems; come in on time; all seem like good rules to follow. However, the pamphlet creeps me out with the underlining theme that you're boss can do no wrong. He is seen God like, with a halo around his head. If you're a good girl and give him all the love and worship he deserves you might be rewarded.

Blessed are the women who for years put up with decades of second class citizenship; Not to mention having to worry about if their margins were straight. The things they had to do to have a good typewriter make me shiver.

HERE is a .pdf of the full pamphlet.

If you don't have the time to read the full thing, then than you should at least take some notes on your Bosses' Pet Peeves. Ladies, how many can you confess too?

  • Chews gum
  • Too much make-up
  • Argues
  • Too bossy
  • Smokes at her desk
  • BO (please do something about this!)
  • Hair untidy
  • Bobby socks
  • Doesn't check letters or reports
  • Too noisy
  • Airs personal troubles
  • Too emotional in attitude
  • Careless about details
  • Gloats when she changes phrases...thinks knowledge of grammar more important than knowledge of business
  • Never around when she is needed
  • Tactless in correction others... even the boss
  • Brags about being secretary to a 'big shot'
  • A trouble maker among co-workers
  • Loses papers when she cleans up desk
  • Feels exempt from office rules
  • Swears (this should be the boss's privilege)
  • Her slip always showing
  • Not lady-like enough
  • but not smart enough to hide it
  • Comes in late, goes early, takes too long for lunch
  • Moody, so cross at times she makes life disagreeable for everyone...including the boss

Now go out there and have a great Monday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday is Kitten Day!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Star Trek: Passage to Moauv

I really like doing these book and record sets; even if they are pain to do. They bring together my love of radio dramas and comic books.

Compared to the Frankenstein monster issue I did a few weeks ago, the Star Trek doesn't really lend itself to the comic book form. There is way too much dialogue. I think these stories had double duty on just records without the comics attached. I've tried to spice it up with some special effects. The record is a tad scratchy, and I left every pop and whiz in for your enjoyment.
The comic itself was in pretty bad shape; it looked like it had some water damage. However, I hope this will entertain the Star Trek completests out there. I don't know much about the Star Trek mythology; Were Spock and Bones always this bitchy to each other. And Sulu looks like he is black and not Asian. Also, any ideas on if those are really Shatner and Nimoy? I doubt it, but they are good impersonations. All-in-all it's a pretty fun story, if only to see Spock and Kirk go at it growling like cats. Meow!

If you would like to download the full-screen video I've posted it HERE. It's a wma file.

Well They Fooled Me!

It was revealed that the McCain Girls were a joke... they are part of the comedy troop 23/6.
New York Time Story Here.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heartbreak Hotel
Addams Family Style
Gisele MacKenzie is one of those forgotten female vocalists who needs to be rediscovered. A Canadian version of Rosemary Clooney, Gisele had a few minor hits, but best known as one of the stars of "Your Hit Parade". I've made it a quest to find more of these shows. They were very creative in the way that they presented the hits of the day. Such as this version of Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel. It might offend some Elvis purists, but I think it's terrific!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Some Great News about a Couple Friends.
I had to pass this along about some great things that happened to a couple friends of mine.

I've known Randy since the 7th grade. We met one afternoon during a particularly grueling gym class where we were, as Janis Ian once sang in "At Seventeen" "never called when choosing sides for basketball". Except I think it was a football game. Randy turned to me and said, "I they wouldn't want Jesus on their team either..." There are tons of Randy stories in my 7th Grade Diary blog. And I have some of our grade school tapes in one of my podcasts. Randy was always one to take chances, whether it was talking me into finding a way to get to the roof of the Sears Tower or running across Midway Airport. I think we were kicked out of every building in downtown Chicago when we were 13. Today we'd be in some federal prison for the things we did.

Anyway... every since I've known Randy he's been been obsessed with three things, television, radio, and airplanes. For 20 years he's been working for various airlines as a flight attendant even though his dream was to become a pilot. During a brief period in the 80's he tried his hand at radio and worked as the producer for a local late night icon, Eddie Schwartz. But it wasn't a pleasant experience with long hours and little money. He went back to the airlines handing out hot towels and sodas.

Last year around this time he decided to take another break from the friendly skies and he took a low paying job in a small town in Shawano, Wisconsin. And he is now the morning deejay at WTCH-AM 960 Moose Radio . He's been complaining again about the low salary and the change from flying to Paris to being in a town of 8000. But I was rooting for him to stick with it because being on the radio is what he was born to do.

This month after only being on the air a year he won the Wisconsin Broadcasting Association's award for "Best Personality" and "Best Morning Program" in a small market. If you want to hear a sampling of his early morning, small town radio show, I've included it here. As you can hear he's heavily influenced by the WGN and WLS deejays we grew up with in the 60's. I can especially hear that he's doing his impression of Johnny Carson that he used to do to amuse all the kids in the playground in the 7th grade.

Also this month, my friend Chris Ligon sent out a message that two of his songs, "Crazy Dazy" and "Knocked up French Girls" are going to be on the Dr. Demento Show this weekend. I didn't even know the Dr. Demento Show was still on. I was an avid listener in the 70's and he probably influenced my musical tastes more than anything. I also remember it was one of the few times that my parents put their foot down about what I listened to. I think he was playing that "Shaving Cream" song and my father said: You're too young to listen to this. So, the fact he's on the Dr. Demento Show is my boyhood equivalent of playing at Carnegie Hall.

It seems the Dr. Demento Show isn't in as many markets as it used to be. But here is a link to the Dr. Demento site with the places you can hear it. The Dr Demento Show. It might be worth the drive to Albany, Oregon to listen.

Chris is an amazing singer/songwriter and in fact wrote the theme song to Randy's morning Show. I swear if you hear this once you'll never get it out of your head. It's taking Shawano by storm. Randy told me that the night shift at the hospital all wait to hear the Randy in the Morning song so they know that it's time to go home.

So I just wanted to say "CONGRATULATIONS" to a couple of swell guys. If you are near a radio this weekend tune in to hear Chris' songs; Or if you are driving through the middle of Wisconsin at six in the morning be sure to tune into Randy in the Morning.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

They Are At It Again!

Wednesday Is Kitten Day!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Who Needs a Movie?!
Fred and Sharon are my new heroes of YouTube. Time was that you would only be able to find videos like this if you were lucky to pick them up at the Village Thrift in some small Ohio town. Now they are happily sharing their video arts with the world.

My favorite comment that someone left on the 2nd video is: Stop making videos, please. For the love of God!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I Knew it! This blogging can kill you...

The New York Times just published this article about the stress that bloggers feel to keep up their blogs on a regular basis. However I wish someone would tell me how to make $70K a year doing this... I think I would put a little more effort into my scans..