Monday, March 10, 2008

The Monster of Frankenstein
Johnny C Has Way Too Much Time on His Hands

In the early 1970s Power Records put out a series of Famous Monsters book and record sets. They were intended for children to read along with the comic book as the Power Records cast dramatized them. As a young boy, I was enthralled by these and probably listened to them dozens of times. The blending of two great loves comic books and records!

I've been wanting to combine the image and sound together for a while, but I had to teach myself a new program. This is my first effort at doing anything like this. I've screwed up only once on the one of the scans, and I accidently left in a 'bing' where the page was supposed to be turned. I'll go back and fix these later. Let me know if you like it; I've three more to do!

Does anyone know the proper screen resolution for Google Video? Whenever I've tried to post this there it's been too fuzzy.

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Aaron said...

It's amazing how scary Frankenstein's Monster can look wrapped in fettuccine...:-)