Monday, January 28, 2008

an audio flashback with Huntley and Brinkley

This weekend I had the rare privilege of doing something that is dear to the hearts of many a record collector. I opened a 43 year old sealed album. Those of you old enough to remember must have fond memories of going to the local Korvette's or Shopper's World and spending your few pennies on that all important album and then, getting it home carefully putting your fingernail in the album's plastic and splitting it oh so carefully so that the outer plastic wouldn't tear. Paper cuts be damned. Ah!

It seems fitting that I did this to an album that is a time capsule of the top news items for 1965. Huntley and Brinkley, next to Cronkite were the most respected newsmen in the country. They made four of these albums from 1963-66 that condensed the biggest stories of the year. This year on the list were the Vietnam War protests from the "New Left", black-outs in New York, the Watts riots, Pope Paul VI visits New York, Stevenson and Churchill died, etc... I often with the blog, wax nostalgic about 'the groovy 60's', or they don't have that anymore, or we are sure screwed up today... but after listening to this, things didn't seem too bright and sunny then either. So if you have 50 minutes or so, sit back and listen to this 'way-back machine'.


Mike Lynch said...

When I was a kid, the best record store in the suburban Cleveland area was Peaches. They had huge record album covers, framed, on canvas -- they must've been at least 6ft x 6ft. They were hung up all over the store in Southgate mall. All of them were (anonymously) hand painted.

Cleveland Heights had a couple of great used record stores. I would haunt Wax Stax for cool movie soundtrack albums by Goldsmith (my passion then).

All of these places are gone now. It's too bad. I miss the album format. I always liked all the space on them and looking at what they chose for their covers.

Harvey Pekar reminisces about Cleveland Heights in general, and used record stores in particular in a series of videos. I blogged about it here:

Mike Lynch said...

One more thing: how do I listen to the album, Johnny? All I can see is a robin's egg blue bar. Do I need to install something, look at it via another browser?

Aaron said...

We always selectively remember the fun and groovy part of any period of time to make it seem more bearable. I always fondly remember my childhood, but when I think about it further, I was a nervous WRECK, scared all the time (of what, I didn't know) and couldn't wait for it to be over...

So really, things haven't changed at all! :-)

Miss Kat said...

I haven't peeled back plastic off a record in ages. This blog brings back fond memories. Yep, no paper cuts!

David said...

Piano rolls are campy?