Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RIP Vampira!

Maila Nurmi died (I guess, again) at age 85. She never did win her lawsuit against Elvria who pretty much stole her show. I used to love TV horror movie hosts. In Chicago we had Svengoolie in the 70's played by local deejay Jerry G. Bishop, and then Ron Koz took over in the 80s as the Son of Swengoolie. He's still on on ME TV a local UHF station that plays old TV shows. I don't really have a television set anymore, so I never see him. But the memories are fresh.

These TV hosts were like friends. Sitting at home alone on a Saturday night, it was great to have someone watching the cheesy horror movie with you. I couldn't tell you what movies I watched, but I still remember some of their skits. Rubber chickens, song parodies, sound effects during the movies. If you are from Chicago, you'll know the running joke of "Berwyn". If not, it won't make any sense.

The original Swengoolie, Jerry G. Bishop. Man, that music takes me back to many cozy times I had with my b/w TV on the rusting metal stand.

So RIP Vampira. You were one of the pioneers for us lonely hearted TV watchers.


David said...

Okay, I didn;t even realize that the two Svengoolies were different. I just though he got fat. I still watch Son of Sven occasionally on METV, it still has the rubber chickens and Berwyn references. An yeah, Elvira did borrow heavily from Vampira. Wonder why Vampira lost? Mailas obit is rather sad...

Anonymous said...

In Cincinasty we had the "Cool Ghoul" whom my mother once ran over with her car (aquitted)