Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hey Tobacco Mouth
As of January 1st there is a ban on smoking in any bar or restaurant. The smokers of Chicago have to step outside to puff. I've not been out to a bar or club since the new year, so I'm not sure how this is playing out in the real world. I couldn't be happier. No more coming home and having to burn my clothes, or waking up in the middle of the night to take a shower to rinse the stale smell of tobacco off my skin.

Of all my bad habits, I've never picked up the smoking one. Perhaps it's because my parents smoked when I was very young. The smell of smoke brings back memories of being car sick; They would often drive while smoking with the windows up. My parents quit soon after the surgeon's general warning in the 70's. They quit cold turkey. One day they were smoking, the next they weren't. I've never really asked them how or why this happened.

From then on, the only time I smelled smoke was when my aunts and uncles came over. The smell of smoke in the house always was the scent of company. The fact that all my aunts and uncles never lived past 75, while my parents still alive in their mid-80s seems to back up the surgeon general's health claims.

Currently, I'm dealing with my neighbor's smoking habit. Her cat has asthma, which her vet told her was caused by her 1 1/2 pack a day habit. Since her cat is the whole world to her she's decided the best thing to do is to no longer smoke in her house. So she's been smoking in the hallway, outside my kitchen door, so I'm now benefiting from her smoking.

Since she's 75, it's difficult to tell her to stop, but I struck a deal where she can't smoke in the evenings when I'm home, but only when I'm at work. She said something about smoker's are losing their rights and I suggested as nicely as I could that she go on the patch for her cat's sake as well as her own.

Well I'd probably be as irritated with people if suddenly I couldn't drink wine anymore. Anyway, how about these Disney caps for the Listerine smokers toothpaste!


Anonymous said...

I understand your comment about wine..but..if you drink wine, your neighbors can't smell it and its not going into their veins. I feel a little sorry for smokers, cuz they probably didn't see this coming when they became addicted, but, hell, thats life, we all have to adapt.

Gary Airedale

David said...

As a smoker trying to quit I see both sides but of course don't smoke where it's not welcome. Alcohol and gambling our deadly too.

Aaron said...

There's no need to feel sorry for smokers--we have assumed all the risks, and we actually did "see this coming." More accurately, we HEARD it coming--for years and years and years.

But the law has finally been passed, so hopefully everyone's happy now...

BC said...

I was walking in my neighborhood on the 2nd, down Lincoln, shocked by all the never before seen creepy smokers on the sidewalk. I didn't think the bars I lived by were that scrary.
At Berlin last Sunday, the smoking area, like high school, was the funner place to be. But, at one time, there must have been 50 smokers on the sidewalk, in front of the bar, at 2:30 am. The ban is a disater waitng to happen.

Aaron said...

I DO sort of enjoy the "smoking area" gives us our own little "club," kind of. I'll miss that if and when I ever quit. (So then I'll have to pick up ANOTHER disgusting habit to be ostracized for! :-))