Friday, January 04, 2008

Crazy story on the news wire

It makes me happy somehow to think that Sinatra is still able to take a break from the afterlife to vacation in Cuba and have a belt once in a while. Although the sight of a crouching Sinatra must have been a little disturbing.


London, Jan 1 : Jude Law had an unexpected birthday guest at his 35th birthday bash at Havana - late singer Frank Sinatra.The British actor claims that he had a vision of Sinatra raiding his mini-bar in his suite at Havana's celebrity-infested Hotel Nacional de Cuba on Dec 29.Apparently, Law was staying at the same suite, which Sinatra used to request during his Cuban jaunts."Jude had no idea that Frank used to stay in the same room. You could see he was really spooked by his sighting," the Daily Star quoted a hotel source, as saying."He'd sampled lots of the hotel's rum cocktails to celebrate his birthday so he thought it was just a drunken vision. But when we told him of the situation, he came clean about seeing the ghost."He swore he saw Frank crouched at the mini-bar, rummaging through the bottles and snacks," the source added.The insider said that Jude was so shaken after the incident that he requested for a new room."Poor old Jude was relieved when we finally put him in a different room, although we didn't tell him that Winston Churchill used to stay in it, just in case," the source said. Law spent Christmas at the hotel with his ex-wife Sadie Frost and their children.

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Mike Lynch said...

Well, it beats the ghost of Winston Churchill drinking those slushy screwdrivers while recounting old war stories at your bedside when you're trying to sleep!