Saturday, December 01, 2007

Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind.
The Most Amazing Found Photo Site - EVER!

The 2nd post I did for this blog was called Other People's Photos. I had expected through out the many months that I would be posting more of my found photo collection. I have my favorites under a piece of glass on my bedroom dresser, (Many were destroyed when my ceiling leaked during the summer). As I stated in that post, I usually find old odd photos at estate sales, because photos are the last thing that people want to save when they are cleaning out an old person's home.

However I think that a national trust should be made to collect these. They are part of our collective history. Nothing tells more about ourselves or a moment in time than the candid family snap shots. They are universal and show that we are so much alike.

Recently one of my daily blog visits to the Land-o-Links site brought this site: Square America to my attention. I have no idea who is running this site, but the photos they have found are jaw-dropping. Be prepare to set aside at least an hour to go through them.

They are broken up in to different categories.

Family Photos

Most disturbingly, there is a series of photos that were defaced or where people were torn or cut out.

The photo booth finds are a gold mine of some amazing characters.

And be sure to check out the series of photos from a 70's booze and sex party. It's fascinating!



Aaron said...

I always preserve old photos when I come across them. Always. Even if they're not mine. I figure they were taken on an occasion that was worth remembering, for whatever reason. And we need more occasions like that!

David said...

Thanks for the great site. That party was WILD, baby. They must have destroyed all the explicit ones. I could spend hours on the site.

Jake Roberts said...

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