Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh My Man...

It's funny how you grow into Billie Holiday. Most people discover her in some way in college. During the 80's when I was about 19 I knew this guy named Dave, who was a few years older. He seemed so adult because he had his own apartment on the Northside of Chicago. He used to invite my pal Brian and I up to his Northside pad for sleep overs, or stay up overs. We'd drink and draw pictures, listen to music all through the night before I'd go home to the Southside on the Archer 62 bus. It was the first time I'd ever heard Billie's classic album Lady in Satin. If you don't own this album your missing out on one of the treasures of life. I don't know how anyone could fall in or out of love without it.

Anyway, of all places, had this posted tonight. It's pretty amazing.

And just to do a tad of WWBD, here is Barbra Streisand's version. She made it a sort of signature song for her for a while because of the boffo performance in Funny Girl. Comparing the two performances is probably not fair, but listen to the phrase 'all my life is just despair, but I don't care' Billie doesn't care. Barbra pushes the 'despair' word. To Bab's defence watching her sing the song is like watching a great skier make a huge jump. Listening to Billie is like watching a sunrise. The jump is just once, the sunrise is eternal.

Finally a tad more than you need to know about the song "My Man".


Anonymous said...

John, you should be teaching... what, I don't know - but you should be teaching!

Seriously, one day you and me, we'll run that Museum and you can show whatever you want!

Aaron said...

Billie Holliday just left me feeling so hopeless...I couldn't do it anymore. I love the music, but I just can't listen anymore.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Billie Holiday and Streisand is the difference between a communicator and a singer. Billie commuicates the lyrics, and Streisand sings the living bejesus out of them.

Gary Airedale