Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Odds and Ends

I'm still mining some of the odd and obscure gold from these old Life Magazines. These were just a few things I've been meaning to post.

The picture above of Major Hoople comes from the same article I did a post about in July . (I still get about 150 hits a day from that post.) When I was going through this magazine tonight I realized that I missed one of the drawings. I popped it into that old post, but regular readers might find it interesting. I must have, at that time, I left it out because I figured that no one would know anything about Major Hoople. He was a character from the 20's strip Our Boarding House, which then was turned into a popular radio show. Ring a bell anyone...?

Like the ad I posted a couple days ago with the fellow cutting off his arm for a tie, this ad (circa 1939) struck me the same way. Here a jaunty fellow is going to kill himself with a gun because 'all fasteners are alike'. I guess with the stress of living through the Great Depression and the impending war in Europe anything could set a fellow off...

And speaking of mental illness... The following six drawings illustrated a long, in depth article on the new burgeoning field of psychoanalysis. The artist Boris Artsybasheff is a genius of the surreal.

One of my favorite sites Learning 2 Share posted an ad, that I'm sure is a Artsybasheff. Click Here to see. I'll bet all the cartoon-blog guys who visit here know all about him, but this was the first article that put a name to those strange drawings that seemed to pop-up in ads in the 40s and 50s. And in doing a little googling, I found that some of these drawings are on other sites, but I post them all in their original order as seen in Life Magazine (2/3/47).

And finally, to end, some ends. French ends that is. Life Magazine seemed to have a reoccurring fascination with the male posterior. They are always popping up in articles, especially during the war years. Guess the women back home had to know what they were working double shifts for. Here French soldiers are given treatments under sunlamps to maintain their health. This photo just struck me as strange, but oddly cute. As some websites often ask... this definitely needs a caption.

Ooh, la, la...

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Aaron said...

Nothing "odd" about that pic, it's just damned cute! Can't think of a good caption, though. Except, perhaps:

"You. With the brown hair. Well, with your head down. All right, with the smirk. Damn it, with the hourglass mark on your derriere--yes, YOU! Stand and dance for me."

I love the Artsybasheff drawings...that smooth abstract style (sort of like Dali, but not quite) is fascinating, especially taken in context with the time in which it was drawn.