Monday, November 26, 2007

Vegas June 4th, 1971
or what goes in the closet
maybe should stay in the closet.
While cleaning out the back of my closet this past weekend, you can't imagine my delight to find that I had another Las Vegas tourist newspaper from 1971. (I posted about the Las Vegas Visitor a few months ago This publication called "Panorama of Las Vegas" is focused on the regular businesses and less on the entertainment on the Strip. There are a few references to some local bands playing at the restaurants. For example 'Spirit', with their very modern looking lead singer Randy California (I think I'll take this as my new stage name). This publicity photo has a most unfortunate sweater photo of one of the other members. I read somewhere that you should never let anyone take your photo from below. This is the "Spirit" drawing that you know one of the members has a faded tattoo of on his back.
and the 2nd runner up for the most 70s sounding band name: Walrus. With their lead singer Bob Walrus (I will not be using that name). I heard that they got it on heavily for the people, man.
When you think of Las Vegas, health food and hippies probably don't come to mind; But Shary Shayne and Susie Gibson were doing their best to entertain the wheat germ eaters at the local health food restaurant "Nature's Best". This was when it was considered radical to have a salad for dinner. It's a "happending (sic) for the head".

Call it Macaroni expects that the average shopper would know that in the 18th Century that the term Macaroni referred to powered wigged dandies. Hense the "...put a feather in his cap and called it macaroni" line. Perhaps we are dumbed down as a society... Anyway... i sort of find the owner Bob Diego sexy in his multicolored pants and big mustache.

And speaking of the 70's sexy, check out these fashions that you could have found at Mr B's BAG (all-CAPS). As the caption says: John might be in hot pants, Craig in a Kaftan, Terry in the window, or Edd in low drag (explain please). But both places don't hold a candle to Pants and Plants. Because when I'm buying bell bottoms, I'm also in the market for ferns.

Not to neglect the ladies fashions, Diplomat Apparel has plenty of clothes (sans plants) to get the relatives talking next Thanksgiving.

If you are looking for a business franchise how about a false eyelash shop. The Lash promises no more morning having to get up to put on your mascara. Think of it as the gift of time. Permanent eyelashes. All the smart women used this $5.00 off coupon. Are there sixty year old women running around American today with these still stuck to their eyelids?
And don't forget, after you get your eyelashes, to visit Toby at Bernadine's Wig Salon. Toby looks like someone I wouldn't trust with anything that pointy next to my eyes. But I would kill to know where you can go to get fake sideburns applied!
I doubt if any of these businesses are still around... I suggest you call Lana and Lucky, the switchboard operators at the Tam O'Shanter Motel... they'll know.


Anonymous said...

The ad for "Call It Macaroni" is about the feyest thing I ever did see. I bet they were selling gay porn under the counter there.


Larry said...

What's with the reference to David Brinkley in MR. B's BAG? The closest musical connection I can fathom there is that NBC played the 2nd movement to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony as the closing theme to the Huntley/Brinkley Report.

The woman on the left in the lash expanding (Belva)is a dead ringer for Phyllis Diller.

I love Lana's and Lucky's outfits.

Mickey Coalwell said...

Johnny, just catching up on your blog after a few weeks of extreme busy-ness. Great Vegas ephemera. I hadn't thought about SPIRIT in two decades!

The business with your brother is really something. YOU are really something. It all really made me think, and feel.

As always, thanks for the reminiscences, observations, stories, musings and occasional kookiness that make your blog a joy to read.

You are a mensch!


Maggie said...


So glad I wasn't alive in the 70s.

David said...

God, I wish I had a time machine sometimes...

Aaron said...

I still have vivid flashbacks of the late 70s. I wish I had a time machine, too! The things I'd go back and change...