Wednesday, November 14, 2007

RIP Robert Goulet

I was sad to hear that Robert Goulet had passed away. I’d been keeping up with his website and the pleas for a lung transplant for him. What a tragedy for someone to die from a disease that completely took away the one thing that made him so unique.

Robert Goulet seemed to have it all, that booming voice, unbelievably good looks, with a sparkling smile. It seems impossible today that someone with that gigantic Broadway voice would be considered a pop star, but he was one of the biggest. When I started my record collection I would often pick up an album or two of his. Honestly, I’ve never really played them very much. As a singer he is a little difficult to take for two fifteen minute sides, his songs always seemed like they were the closing song of a Second Act. His personality on the other hand was what made him stand out. He seemed like he was having the best time when ever he was on The Carol Burnett Show or on some variety special. He was in on the fact that he was a bit of a oddity for the 70’s in his tuxes and slicked back hair, when the world had turned so rock and roll around him. Who could not like someone who one Valentine’s Day got into a traffic copper in L.A. and serenaded the people stuck in rush hour traffic; or who would poke fun at his Atlantic City image in some hilarious ESPN or nut commercials.

Thanks for the smiles Mr. Goulet...
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Aaron said...

When he ate the paper and rummaged around that office, I fell off my couch.

My mom LOVED Goulet...probably because she was once engaged to a guy who was friends with him and she got to meet him. (I don't know if she realizes he's dead yet.) She had a lot of his albums when I was growing up. His version of "Live For Live" was, I think, my favorite ever (besides the Francis Lai version on the soundtrack).

pussreboots said...

Oh dear. He will be missed. He had the most beautiful voice.

Mike Lynch said...

Very sad news. As a wee side note, I loved his takes after Leslie Nielsen said something goofy in Naked Gun 2 ½.