Monday, October 29, 2007

Live on the Wicked, Wicked Stage
This Saturday

For anyone who lives in the Chicagoland area or anyone who was contemplating stalking me I've good news. This Saturday, November 3rd Bric-a-Brac will be playing at the 50th Anniversary of the Olde Towne School of Folk Music. It's an all-day open house from 11-7 with classes, small concerts, etc... then at 8:30 they will be turning their main stage area into a olde fashioned prom where we will be playing for about 2 1/2 hours.

This marks the 10th year that Bric-a-Brac has been together, so we'll be celebrating that as well.

On Wednesday, October 31st, Mike and I will be on WLUW Radio at noon promoting the show, singing a couple songs live. Click HERE for the live stream.

Click HERE for the Bric-a-Brac website

and HERE for information on the Olde Towne School of Folk Music Prom

Hopefully, the olde pipes will be in shape for this... eeek...

Below is a sampler of some shows from way back when... I know it was a long time ago because I look like Salvadore Dali.


David said...

What? Huh? Crap. I would be in the front role to see you Mr. Connors.

Anonymous said...

We will sadly miss your performance. Hope it goes well. A huge hug.

Katharine and Andy

Erik said...

Great show last night!