Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Jimmy Stewart's Dog Named Beau.

Jimmy Stewart is one of the best actors who ever lived, but by the 80's he'd been relegated to playing grandpa's and tired executives. He made a new name for himself in the world by becoming a caricature of himself by going on the Johnny Carson show and telling funny stories and reading poems about leaky faucets or getting older.

In this clip, Jimmy reads a tribute poem to his dog Beau. They don't make TV like this anymore. Listen how quiet the audience is for almost three and a half minutes. Today they would have been freaking out in the control room and the camera would be spin around the room.

I should give everyone a warning: Don't watch it if you are at work or your co-workers will want to know why you are weeping at your desktop. Kleenex ready... Go!


Frankie said...

Oh, that got me. My dog was just diagnosed with liver cancer and is dying. That really got me. I'm glad you shared that clip.

Rhonda Bartoe Tucker said...

Thanks for digging up these treasures. For those of us who ever loved a dog, perfect.